Another Year in the Books!

Well, we did it. Fifth and First Grade: Done.

And because you know how much I love comparison shots:

Everyone always looks a little more rumpled in the last day picture. I know I feel more rumpled. We gasped to the finish line this year but I don't think we could have asked for a better school year. Both kids flourished and I am relieved because to be honest, I think I would flail helplessly as a parent if they had not. Both The Engineer and I really liked school. I was that weird child who did not want summer to come and anxiously counted down to Back to School time. That lessened over the years but I still left for college a week after graduating high school. I liked school a lot. Luckily, they do too.

Now is the time in the blog post that I turn into That Parent. That parent who talks about their kids' accomplishments. Because if you listen to my mom, my children are the smartest, cutest kids ever. Remind me of that in an hour when they are fighting over the last bag of fruit chews.

Big was accepted into the gifted program this year and won the math award for his class!

Little had a speaking part in the first grade play and was quoted in the yearbook! 

They both played a lot of sports (her: soccer; him: basketball and baseball) and Big is coming along nicely on the guitar. Although Little sang in the church talent show, I have not been able to interest her in music yet. She is starting gymnastics in June and very excited. She enjoyed Girl Scouts and said she was sad to see it end but I don't think she will continue on. She is a tad fickle, but my thoughts on the matter are that she is seven and will try many activities before she finds the perfect fit. They both started the year in our church's kids group but our schedule got pretty crazy in the middle of the year and that fell by the wayside. We hope to get back to that in the fall.

There were many important milestones for Little this year. She learned to read, tie her shoes and ride a bike without training wheels. We are definitely a reading family. Big, his dad and I all use our reading apps daily, but Little is old school. She likes to actually have a book in her hand.

Their teachers were all amazing and we are so grateful to them for their caring and dedication this past year. 

Summer, here we come!


Thoughts for Thursday on a Wednesday

This was so good! And so different than what I usually read. A retelling of "One Thousand and One Nights," it reminds me of the books that I used to find on the bookshelves in my grandparents' study when I would visit. It is classified as Young Adult book but I really think it would be enjoyed by all ages  -- especially if you like strong heroines (and I do).

5 out of 5 basset hounds


Writing: A story about one of my favorite POCs at Redstone Arsenal, who is moving onto new adventures. I don't think I will ever get used to the transitional nature of the Soldiers we work with. Over the past two years, SFC Packard with the Army Materiel Band has always been a great help and a friendly face, even when I accidentally text him inane text messages. He's solid gold (of course he is, he's from Tennessee) and the Rocket will miss him.

Feeling: Like the wind was let out of my sails this week. Oh no, Vagueblogging! Vagueblogging is the practice of blogging teasers instead of just saying what is going on in your life. It is the cousin to Vaguebooking on Facebook.

My favorite are the trash talking Vaguebooks. You know who you are.

Listening to: This song always kicks off my workout to get me in the proper state of mind.

We run this mother.

Happy Thursday! Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but I posted last week's Thoughts on Friday. I am playing fast and loose.

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Thoughts for Thursday


t4t Oceans

We sung this at church last week for Graduation Sunday, and while I have never been a big contemporary Christian music fan, this song has stuck with me.

I know that it is a year or so old, and as usual I find something I like as it falls out of style, but I ask you to listen. I think Oceans transcends genres and it has quickly become one of my favorite songs that our choir has performed.

Happy Tuesday!