Fletcher Fitness Friday

Fletcher has become a vegetarian. And in two months has lost 23 pounds!

Here he is with his BFF Rocky, whom he used to dwarf. He was the Hulk to Rocky's Bruce Banner. Now they are almost the same size!

After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, our vet was adamant that the Fat Dog had to become less fat. So with his new meds, we also cut his dog food intake by half and supplemented his food with frozen green beans. Yes, frozen. And he loves them. Although that is not exactly a surprise when you are talking about the dog who eats sidewalk chalk and a Lego Friend. There isn't much he will not eat.

He is talk of the neighborhood with his weight loss. Several of our neighbors have commented on his new svelte shape. And for the first time since we adopted him, Fletch has a waist.

He was doing so good with his eating and we had all but blocked his food ninja ways by chucking him outside during meals. But he got me (and half a pizza) Friday night. I don't trust food on the counter with him so I came up with the bright idea of setting the pizza in the pantry while we ate. It was raining so he was inside with us. Unfortunately, I forgot to shut the door when getting Big, who was diagnosed with strep that day, his medicine. I heard a loud clang and immediately knew what happened. Fletcher - 1, Pizza - 0.

He is still a work in progress but we love him.


One Room Challenge Part One | The Before & The Before Before

I am excited to be joining in with the One Room Challenge over at Calling It Home
My challenge is a doozie -- updating a powder bath that I have never been able to get just right, design-wise.


The powder bath is a fun room, it sits underneath the staircase and is small and oblong. We started out 6.5 years ago with it being the same color as the main part of our home. Only it has zero natural light so the butter yellow which is so light and airy in our living room became crayola yellow in the bathroom.

The same yellow in our living area:

Learn from my follies, when building a home, try out your dominant color in every single room, not just your main space.

So the color was a fail. Our building manager recommended a gal who could do a faux finish which would also have the added benefit of being oil-based and much easier to clean than the flat yellow paint. I envisioned a Tiffany blue and she did an interesting basket finish with silver undertones that gave the room a texture.

She got a little creative with it and added a stencil around the ceiling made out of a putty-type material. It had a country chic look to it that has never been really my cup of tea but I did not have the heart to say anything to her. So I lived with it -- for six years. Not that it was a hardship, she did a great job, it just wasn't exactly my style. Have you ever had a room that didn't exactly match your taste but it wasn't worth the time and $$$ to change it? 

I really try not to be high maintenance but the fact of the matter that this was our guest bathroom which visitors use more than any other room of the house. It had become this hodgepodge of style where I stuck towels, bath accessories and prints that I had no other place to put. So fast forward to this fall. It was time for a fresh coat of paint and an intentional design plan.

Picking out paint colors has never been my forte but Pinterest makes it so much easier to brainstorm how a color will work with the finished look. These days when picking paint, it is the first place that I go. Since this room is small, completely enclosed and odd-shaped, I am taking a departure from my usual color palette. While every other room in my Home is light,  get ready because we are going dark and dramatic.

Stay tuned and follow along with the progress via one of the social media buttons above. Thanks for dropping by!


Thoughts on Tuesday

For once, I am actually ahead of the game instead of posting my weekly Thoughts on Thursday post on Friday ... or Saturday. This post ended up being very different than I planned, as we have been quarantined for the last several days with a Strep-inflicted Big Kid. He was supposed to walk in his first parade this weekend and participate in a historical cemetery walking tour with his gifted class. Unfortunately, those plans were shelved when I received a call from the school nurse Friday that he had a 102 temp ... halfway through having my hair highlighted. Oy. He has been fever-free since Monday night so I think that he is on the mend now.

Listening: I have the perfect workout song for you today. If you are feeling droopy and need a kick start to get you going, I promise this will deliver:

Ha! I love this song hard.

Reading: I stayed up way too late reading "Paper Hearts:"

Claire Contreras has such an effortless way of writing. Every once in awhile a talented writer will knock my wig off and Contreras is one of those writers. She did an excellent job of bringing emotion and angst, but not letting the story dovetail into melodrama. This is a second-chance romance set in New York City. It is glamorous with both main characters having those dream jobs that don't exactly exist, but I wasn't looking for gritty realism. It is the second in a series, and while you don't have to read the first book, I recommend it. My only nitpick: she changed the spelling of the main male character's name from the first book to the second book and I found that strange and jarring.

Writing: Five stories for the Vets Week issue. Sigh. Hold me closer, Tony Danza. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel though with our Vets Week issue being the last of the fall special edition trifecta. We knocked out our Cummings Research Park issue in September and our Army Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation edition last week. After this last one is completed, it is the 2015 roundup and then a holidays hiatus for the newspaper. Woot!

Anticipating: The holidays. I know that most of you think that I am chock full of crazy -- even more than normal -- but around Team Skelley, Halloween is the beginning of the holiday season. Halloween kicks it off and then we have Veterans Day, which is a pretty big tadoo in the Rocket City. From there we move into Thanksgiving and then it is my favorite time of the year: Christmas! I might have already purchased a couple of rolls of Christmas ribbon: you have to strike while the iron is hot!

Enjoying: My husband being home. We keep such things on the internet DL, but The Engineer has been on temporary duty (TDY) for three weeks, the longest that we have ever been separated. Working for the Army has made me very sensitive about complaining about his being gone because what we experience is nothing compared to what military spouses endure, but as the kids get older, they do miss their dad tremendously. As do I. It is always a sweet and welcome image to see him walking down the airport corridor.

Happy Thursday! Err... Wednesday!