Hello Snow!

As we face down what could possibly be a major ice storm in the metro Huntsville area, I would like to harken back to the days of last week when eight inches of snow promptly landed and then immediately melted the next day. Oh, Alabama weather. Never change.

Do you know who likes snow? This guy.

Perfect snow for a snow fort.

And a snowball fight.

And according to Fletch, a walk.

Three hours after the snow started.

And then we woke up to this view from our front porch.

But we had to work fast the next day to build the Snow Whale before it all melted.

This was taken after Fletcher knocked the head off The Engineer's snowman. I personally think that the red eyes were creeping him out. #demonsnowman He was eventually repurposed into the Snow Whale's tail.

To give you an example of Alabama weather, it was 70 degrees today. I was sweating at my outdoor interview. Tomorrow everything is closed -- schools, city hall and Redstone Arsenal because of the possibility of an ice storm. Fingers crossed for no loss of power and I hope that everyone else in the path of this storm stays safe!


One to beam up.

Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015


Cookies (nom nom nom) for a good cause

Little Kid is winding up her first year of selling Girl Scout cookies. I am not sure I have talked about her joining Girl Scouts before but it has been a fun experience for her so far. She is a third generation Girl Scout and both her Gramma and I consider our scouting years formative experiences in our lives. I joined at her age and am still good friends with some of my fellow Scouts, including the ubiquitous Bestie who pops up on Team Skelley often.

We still have a few boxes left to unload but have moved in the next phase of cookies and I am excited about what Little Kid's troop is embarking on: Cookie donations for our public safety and emergency workers. We are now collecting monetary donations and once they are all in, the girls will be delivering boxes of cookies to our local police and fire safety officers. It is an awesome way to show our appreciation for their service and also to have a teachable moment for the girls.

I have brainstormed different ways to make this happen and I thought that the best way to collect the donations for cookies would be to utilize Pay Pal. If you would like to donate one or more boxes of Girl Scout cookies and have a Pay Pal account, it is super easy. Sign in, click on the Send & Request button at the top of the page and type in kdskelley@gmail.com. However much you feel led to give would be greatly appreciated. Each box is $3.50 and the more money we collect, the more boxes the girls can hand out. Make sure that you include in the note section that it is a donation for Girl Scout cookies. It is a fun way for all of us to say thank you for their service.

Little Kid and I would be very grateful for your help! Happy weekend!