Getting Fit - Bit by Bit | A FitBit Review

So I have jumped on the FitBit train.

FitBits are basically pedometers -- on steroids. They sync to your mobile device or computer and track your steps, calories, sleeping patterns and on. It is a Type A person's fantasy so needless to say it satisfies my organizing and control quirk. Working at a desk job, I knew that I was not moving as much as I did when I was a yoga instructor but on my first day when I logged 6,000 steps (goal is 10K) I knew that I was going to have to make some lifestyle changes.

I had already started those changes on Sept. 1 when I unfroze our YMCA membership. I set myself a goal of working out 4X a week for 45 min. to one hour each. Since then I have only missed one workout, other than vacation week. There are a lot of days that the last thing in the world that I want to do is spend 45 minutes on an elliptical but I always feel better  -- after it is over.

Sidebar: If you are looking for some new workout music to get you motivated, I have really been digging Janet Jackson's Number Ones. Standout track -- "Feedback." 

Yesterday was a good day. The temperature wasn't in the twenties as it has been this week, so the Chunk and I were able to fit in a walk.

So far the only facet that I am not impressed with is the calorie counter. I think that it plays fast and loose with how many calories that you can eat to maintain/lose weight. The first week, I actually gained two pounds. FitBit does not take into account that type of calories that you are ingesting, so if you are staying within your allotted calories but eating crap all day then you are not going to lose weight.

What I do like is the water log. I don't think that I have made my goal of eight glasses yet, but I have come close. The water count is easy to use and a visual kick in the butt when I am existing on coffee and soda. There are several options that I am still learning, this really is much more intensive than your run of the mill pedometer. It has a social feature where you can connect with your friends with FitBits and send them messages, or Cheers/Taunts (which is akin to a Facebook Poke). I make a point to Taunt the Bestie once a day. I do wish that it were easier to connect to other users online.

The FitBit is pricey if you purchase it new from Amazon or another store/site - running around $100. I found mine -- brand new -- on eBay for $60, plus shipping. So that is an option. I have the dark grey  FitBit but if you don't want to wear a plastic wristband every day there are some fancy options out there, such as Hinged Bracelet by Tory Burch:

So far, I am really digging my FitBit. It gives me the motivation that I need on days that I just want to scavenger for leftover Halloween candy and sit on the couch. The jury is out on whether I will see any weight loss -- I have quickly found that trying to lose weight at age 37 is much different than trying to lose weight at age 27 -- but I do think that it will be a valuable tool in the quest to be healthy.

Have a great weekend!


T4T | Inside Katie's Brain

You know that it is going to be a day when you bolt straight up in bed at 6am worried about work.

I have been pacing my house this morning like my morning coffee was laced with meth. 

Katie's brain: "The boy has a game tonight -- have to wash his uniform, gotta stop by the grocery store, interview interview interview -- can't be late for the interview, don't forget to send $12 with the girl tomorrow for her Thanksgiving feast, running low on underwear must do load of darks, the tiny newspaper ornaments for our work tree are ready at Staples -- don't forget to pick them up after your interview interview interview don't be late, must email Big Kid's teacher, do I have time to return that tablecloth or can that wait til next week, can I make the work lunch today -- yes, and afterwards run next door and buy the ever-growing boy two pairs of pants, why won't she email me back with that information I needed yesterday!!!"

It is a hectic place in my brain sometimes. Okay, all of the time.

So I feel like I need a musical chill pill this morning and this is what I came up with:

Yes, it is a holiday song. Sometimes you have to pull out the big guns.

Do you ever have days like this? When your mind is on fast forward?


Dear Santa | Christmas List Linkup

When all of the Christmas catalogs (and they just keep coming) started arriving in the mail, I told Little Kid to grab her a sharpie and circle her favorite toys. I did caution both children that just because you circle it, does not mean necessarily that you will receive it, because Santa Claus has to have enough toys for everyone. We haven't had many logistics questions yet but with a fifth grader, I know that they are coming.

Since I can't Sharpie my computer screen, today I am joining up with the My Favorite Things Link-Up to share what is on my Christmas List.

1. Erin Condren 2015 calendar

Confession: This gift has already been ordered and shipped. I made the mistake of ordering my calendar above -- which was a gift from The Engineer -- after Christmas last year, and it did not arrive until the end of January, which left me without a planner for the first month of the year. Not good in the newspaper business. I know so many people live by their electronic calendars and as a techie, I totally get that. But for me, there is just something about being able to flip open my EC and see my appointments for the day. Writing them down in my planner seems to cement them in my brain. And it is pretty.

I have been looking for an affordable speaker option forever. I had a Sony set with my very first iPhone that I liked but as is the plight of the iPhone, when they upgrade models often all of your accessories become out of date too. 

3. Starbucks Gift Card

Always a fave, always used up by the end of January.

I am obsessed with my new FitBit -- post coming soon. One of the goals on the FitBit is to take 10,000 steps per day. And you can watch your counter go up on your mobile device app while stepping. It is a Type A person's dream. I might have found myself power walking around the house at 11pm the other night to get in my 10,000 steps. #crazylady

5. Dept. 56 Snow Village set

Last year, some dear friends of ours at church gave us their Snow Village set. They just did not have space in the house for it anymore. I was ecstatic. My aunt collects Snow Village and I have always wanted to begin my own collection. I have already been on eBay scouting out additions. I was *this close* to snagging a Starbucks collectible for an amazing price and while I was bidding, it sold! eBay!

So what about you? What is on your Christmas list?