A Fail of a Magnitude Never Seen Before

So Little Kid and I went to the gym today.  I dropped her off in playcare and headed for the bathroom.  With me I had my usual gym accessories: my Bose earbuds, a People magazine, and my iPhone.

I used the facilities- just #1, (which I know is very TMI, but important to the story) and picked up my stash, preparing to leave the stall.  As I turned around, I leaned over to flush the toilet, and my Bose earbuds slid off the mag and into the flushing toilet. 

Without even thinking about it, I reached into the toilet (see I told you the TMI was relevant) UP TO MY ELBOW to try to pull them out, but they were gone in a flash.  I just stood there in shock.  These were not your standard run of the mill earbuds.  These were BOSE.  Top of the line, and a 30th birthday present from my husband.  They cost $100, and I just flushed them down the toilet.  This fail is beyond the Fail Whale.  This fail is EPIC.


So I stumbled out of the bathroom (after washing my hands- and arm, of course) and called The Engineer.  Thankfully, he is the sort who laughs at me, instead of berating me for basically just flushing a hundred bucks down the drain.  He did point out that at least it was not my phone that I had dropped.  I probably would have fainted in the stall if I had dropped my phone into the toilet.  Of course, he then had to let me go so he could go tell his co-workers about the spazz whom he had married.  Happy 8th Anniversary!

I almost packed it up and went home.  I was so despondent.  But I have been eating like a truck driver this weekend and was in dire need of some cardio.  So I was on the elliptical, sulking, and I stop dead in my tracks.  It hit me that I had reached into the toilet- the industrial strength flushing toilet- WITH MY LEFT HAND.  My left hand that was wearing my engagement ring and wedding band.  It could have easily sucked my rings off of my finger.  I grabbed my rings just to make sure that they were still there.  Whew!  My earbuds I can lose, but I cannot fathom losing my rings- on my wedding anniversary, at that.

Strangely, that made me feel better.  I realized that it could have been so much worse.  But I am still convinced that I do not need to own nice things.  Because whenever I own nice things, I either sit on them or wash them in the washing machine or throw them away in a McDonalds bag- in a different state, so I cannot even go back through the garbage and retrieve my Ray Ban sunglasses later when I realize that they are missing.  Now, I can add flushing down the toilet to my list.  So I have decided from now on, I will be exclusively shopping here as penance for my follies.
Do you think that they sell earbuds?


  1. No, but they have cheap ones in the checkout aisle at Walmart :) You crack me up Katie!

  2. Knock sticking your whole arm down the toilet off your bucket list! TOOOOOO Funny. Yes, Dollar store for you from now on!

  3. Ahhhh, sorry for your loss! That is totally something I would have done too! Glad your hubby was at least nice (well in his teasing sort of way!)

  4. I washed my cell phone - with over 250 work numbers in it. The kind of numbers that people give you that they don't give to just any body - and they were not backed up. I so know your pain. I pretended for two weeks that I just arrived in the U.S. and didn't know a soul. If I haven't called since last July, you know why!

  5. So sad but so funny! Glad you still have your rings!

  6. Katie, yes the dollar store does sell a brand of earbuds...Brady can only have items for the dollar store at this stage in his life..and he got a pair the other day for 2 bucks and they worked fine and are still going....so if they can survive a 13 year old boy they should last a while...love ya see you Saturday!!

  7. "I have been eating like a truck driver this weekend" lol, I love this quote! Sorry you lost your expensive headphones. But it could have been worse, my hubby dropped his ipod touch in the toilet about a month after he got it for Christmas. After that it was just a really expensive paper weight. Ha!

  8. Raven, I used to own an Ipod Touch too- I blogged about that massive fail a few months ago:


    There seems to be a theme with me and nice electronics.

  9. Not funny, but your tale sure is! Sorry your Bose buds are gone, but glad your rings are not.

    Thanks for stopping by Atticmag and commenting on the fun decor for boys post.


  10. I have done things like that so many times but I have always been able to retrieve the lost items. You poor thing loosing those buds but I love your "glass half full" optimism! What a gal!

    Best wishes and a warm (belated) "happy anniversary" too!

  11. Oops-I can't spell...losing!


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