Yoga Gal Recommends: Zella Activewear

Whenever we travel, I like to find stores and shops that we don’t have at home.  So while we were in Hawaii, and The Engineer was doing some work, I bee bopped into a Nordstrom.  We have some great specialty shops here in Huntsville, but are lacking in department stores.  What I found, I must share with you.

If you are in the market for some new and flattering workout clothes for fall, check out the Zella tops at Nordstrom's online store.  I have been practicing yoga for almost eight years now, and after awhile it is hard to find fresh and stylish yoga gear that is comfortable.  I don’t know about you, but I get tired of wearing plain tank tops from Target and black yoga pants.  This is what I purchased (in purple):


You can’t tell from the photo, but it actually gathers in the mid-section, which hides the bucket of pasta that I might or might not have consumed before class.  And the cap sleeves make the arms look toned.  My only warning is that if you are large-chested, you might need a little more support in the bosom.  Yoga Gal does not have that problem.  Sigh.

They also had a similar sleeveless top which was also cute and slimming, but I cannot find it on their online store.  If you live close to a Nordstrom, go check them out.  If you are like me and the closest one is hours away, click on the Zella link above to check out their wide variety of active wear.

***Zella definitely did not pay/ask Yoga Gal to review their products- I wish they would!  I just really like my top and wanted to give you bunch the scoop.

Happy Labor Day weekend!



  1. Wow! Cute top!!! Going to check it out for sure!!!

  2. I recently fell in love with Zella too and have my eyes on this top :) Cute blog!


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