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Today, we are going to talk Fitness Fashion.  Over the past nine years, I have tried out a lot of different yoga wear.  I keep coming back to the tried and true brands such as Nike, Danskin, and Athleta.  I have found that I tend to gravitate toward blues and blacks.


Nike flip flops have served me well over the years.  I think that I have owned a pair in every color.  They are a great price @$20 and will last forever.

image[source: Katie’s fitness board at Pinterest]

If yoga or Pilates is not your ball of wax, I have provided some inspiration for the cardio queens:

image I have been a Nike Shox devotee for eight years.  They are the only athletic shoe that I have found to provide that extra bit of cushion for my poor battered shins.


imageWhat is your workout of choice?  Do you Zumba?  Or are you addicted to the elliptical machine like moi?  Is there a particular fitness clothing brand that you favor?  Let me know in the comment section below!


  1. That's funny. I was looking at Nike running shorts this weekend. Not that I am running . . .. yet!!! My brother teaches Zumba. I heard it's a great work-out.

  2. i love the elliptical. i'm trying to get into rumba. my sneakers are nike but are old and i'm in need of a new pair. i just wear stuff from target. shocker! :)


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