bowling birthday party

Since Big Kid’s birthday present from us this year is a trip to Texas to visit his bestie, we kept the eighth birthday festivities low-key. We hosted a small group at our new bowling alley, Pinz, and a good time was had by all.

Simone Made It created the bowling party pack PDF and was a pleasure to work with.  Highly recommend.  Thank you, Simone! 

Cooper’s buddies, the R Boys, came to celebrate and bowl—I love these kids, they are always so enthusiastic and full of energy.  And they are kind to my boy.

A lot of our pictures are blurry—it is not easy to snap a photo of someone bowling! I was a complete spaz at bowling and what possessed me to wear a maxi dress, I have no idea.

Look at Gramma’s form!

My friend Lauren at Handmade Laine made this balloon wreath.  We used two for table centerpieces at the party and then I tied them together with ribbon on Big Kid’s actual birthday to make an “eight” wreath.  I found the pins at a local flea market, and the kids and I spray painted them red to match the party theme.  I love the wreaths because they are so versatile and can be used for several different birthdays/occasions.  Lauren will also do custom colors to fit your party color scheme.

What party is complete without some arm-wrestling……

…..and of course, muscle-comparing?

This is a blurry pic of Little Kid’s favorite gal, Betsy.  Although she had some competition from the oldest R boy, who is eleven.  Little Kid later told me that he was her new boyfriend.  Oh, what is coming….. The Engineer won’t survive.

Ice cream cake from Maggie Moo’s, YES.

I have a funny look on my face because the Dollar Store candles are dripping wax all over my fingers.

Gramma’s money rope makes another appearance. 

Little Kid asked me, “If this is a bowling party, why are we giving out pool favors?”  I told her that bowling favors are hard to find, but pool toys are universal.

The guests had a great time and Big Kid was very happy—especially when he won the second game.  Thanks to Pinz for a fabulous bowling experience!  The staff was lovely and quick to provide anything we needed.  Two thumbs up.

Coming tomorrow-- the mega party post!  I will be featuring my favorite party photos from before team skelley | the blog.  Mickey Mouse…..Cars…..the strangest Big Bird cake that you have ever seen…..stay tuned!

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  1. What a great party idea! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  2. what a great birthday party! bowling is such a fun activity and i love the centerpieces with the balloons

  3. love all the bright colors! so cute you guys are bringing him to visit his buddy. he is going to love that!

  4. Happy 8th, Cooper. Also, I would like a money rope...

  5. That's so great!! I'm glad it inspired you!

  6. This is one awesome blog post.Thanks Again. Fantastic.


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