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As you can see, Team Skelley has a new summer look!  I loved the sleek silver design that my blog designer Danielle whipped up for me, but my mom said that it was time for color. And since it is Mother’s Day weekend, I took heed of her advice.

I also went with a different designer this time.  I still love Danielle to death—she has redesigned my blog and website countless times—but she just launched a new lifestyle website and is mondo busy.  I felt guilty taking up her time, and am so thrilled that The Everygirl is a success right out of the gate.  Designer Blogs gave Team Skelley a bold new look, and working with Lindsey was a pleasure.

Onto the Look Book.  Our Disney Cruise is fast approaching and I am already in planning mode. This will be our first extended vacation with both children.  We have taken trips with the Big Kid, but since Little Kid arrived, we have either kept our traveling to long weekend trips, or just The Engineer and I.  Big Kid is always up for anything, but Little Kid likes her bed and her room, so I am a little worried about how she will sleep in new places. 

Packing, oy!  I am not doing laundry on a cruise ship, so I have to make sure that we have plenty of clothes and swimsuits.  The Engineer thinks I am nuts to insist that we all have extra suits, but have you every put on a damp swimsuit?  It is miserable!  Plus you never know when something will rip.  I have come to realize that my daughter has plenty of floaty, frilly dresses and glittery sandals, but what she does not have are just good ol’ t-shirts and  shorts.  Gymboree and Crazy 8 to the rescue!

summer style girl

Mix & Match is essential for a long vacation.  We are going to be gone for eight days and versatility is paramount.

boy summer fashion

  Gymboree is currently offering 30% off on all purchases online AND in-store, and Crazy 8 is featuring $6.99 tees, tanks, and shorts.  One-stop, affordable shopping for all of your summer style needs.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!


  1. LOVE the new look! we took all four kids to disney last year. it was our first big trip with lisa. while we did rent a house and had the ability to do laundry, i packed extra to cut waaaaaay down on that. i agree with extra suits. i'm super intrigued by the disney cruise. please let me know what you love/hate about it. :) have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the new look of the blog! And cute kids' outfits!

  3. Love the new look. Very nice!!

    We bought E some of the pieces from that Gymbo line. It's adorable and very vacation-ish!


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