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Let’s take a poll:
Are you a one-piece?

bathing beauties | one-piece

Or a two-piece?

bathing beauties | two-piece

Or does this pretty much sum it up?

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I like the look of the one-pieces above, but I am oblong.  Because I am so tall, but short-wasted, one-piece suits look strange on me.  So I slave away on the elliptical, trying to reverse the march of time and the effects of childbirth X2. 

What are your thoughts on swimsuits?


  1. i got a one piece with a skirt this year. yeah i did. lol. but i love it. it's kind of rushed up the middle and then has a halter kind of top to it that reminds me of the 50's. :) my two piece days are loooooooooong gone!

  2. ugh, I hate this topic because I hate how I look lately. I was always two piece but then the kids and 3 pregnancies did a job! so now I wear a tankini. hoping to work back toward the two piece.

  3. Wearing a tankini with a Spanx bottom! Swimsuit shopping is so ridiculous all that I could do was laugh and make it a big joke. I took all the crazy looking monokinis, side swept cut out suits and anything else that looked strange and tried them on too. I think my constant "Omigod NO!" shout outs were heard all over the store. I think you'd rock any of these suits. Also a pretty cover up or sarong rights all wrongs :)

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  5. It is hard for me to find a one piece that fits since I am pear shaped.


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