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Edited 4.7.2013
After being featured at Apartment Therapy, I decided that the original photos were just not working here.  I snapped the home office set on a very rainy day and planned to edit some light into them.  That worked about as well as it sounds like it would--not very.  I also have a new computer, so the original pictures are already out of date.  Hopefully, these are sharper and better.

This isn’t the bathroom!

I need to stop doing teasers because I keep changing the order of the home tour.  The bathrooms need a little extra TLC (ah, living with an eight-year-old boy) so I will tackle that this weekend.  Today: Katie’s Space. (I am actually sitting in here right now.)

Walls: Benjamin Moore Florida Keys Blue, from the Pottery Barn 2010 Color Wheel

This was originally our formal dining room.  After one year here, I realized that we used it exactly five times, so I turned it into a home office.  The Engineer has a study upstairs that holds his desk, computer, and multitude of University of Tennessee memorabilia.  I did not have a place for projects or blogging or gift wrapping so I created one.  The bench is perfect for the kids and their Lego adventures.

I found the curtains at IKEA in Dallas. They are bold, but I love them—they match the walls perfectly and only cost $25! For the set! And they are 96 inches, which are usually impossible to find in stores.

|Recycled Denim Jute Rug/West Elm|desk/our old dining room table|Lugano bench/World Market|lamp & Cynthia Rowley white chair/TJ Maxx|Martha Stewart Organizers/Staples|

I see my blue lamp everywhere!  Other blogs, TV-- it is a great piece.  I tried a classic office chair, but the desk dwarfed it, so I decided to go with this large upholstered chair.  It is crazy comfortable.

For someone who claims not to be shmoopy, keeping her daughter's christening gown in a shadowbox is rather sentimental.  

Confession: I forgot to mop and vacuum before taking photos.  Doh! 4.7.2013 And no, I did not mop or vacuum before the retakes either.  Doh doh!


I am so lucky that this is where I get to work most days.  I used a wireless mouse with my old laptop, but I am having problems connecting it to my new MacBook.  I think that I am upgrading to a Magic Mouse.

ETA: I did.

My mom gave me these shelves since she was no longer using them.  The pedestal was my grandmother’s.

I painted an old frame and attempted to attach a piece of corkboard--massive fail.  I ended up attaching several round and square corkboard pieces to the wall and pretending that was my idea the whole time.  

You might have noticed that I do not have many photos in the rest of the house—that is because they are all in here: baby pictures, bestie pictures…I probably have more photos in here than in all other rooms combined.

I will be back on Monday with another room to share.  Which one will be a surprise (a surprise to me too).  I hope that you come back and join us.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Resistance IS futile. Come to the Jobs side. Your life will get better. Food will taste better, your hair will be silkier, your children more perfect and your bathrooms magically cleaned. Pretty much opening up a MacBook (I love how my iPad just auto corrected that to capitalize the B) is liking walking into a world filled with rainbows and unicorns.

    Oh, and I love that wall color.

  2. you crack me up with such honesty. I love this space in your house. it's such a happy room. I would love working in there. you should see mine right now. it's a mess and it's killing my ocd!!

  3. Love that blue color! And those Ikea curtains literally look like they're made for the space! :)

  4. so pretty! and that color...dreamy.

  5. It's amazing! No wonder apartment therapy featured this. Well done!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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