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It was pouring down rain yesterday, so I pulled out my trusty Burberry rain boots...only to find that I have absolutely no summer clothes that they match. I normally wear them in cooler months when my wardrobe is chock full of browns, blacks, and grey. 

I thought that might need to invest in a more neutral rain boot, especially since both kids are playing sports this fall. I learned that a good rain boot is a must when spending any amount of time at a muddy ballpark.

So I took it to Pinterest-
LOVE Hunter Rain Boots
white hunter rain boots 

Hunter Rain Boots
Light pink Hunter rain boots 
via Katie's Shoes! board on Pinterest
That did not help because now I WANT THEM ALL. 

If I ever win the lottery, I would buy a pair of Hunter boots in every color and then just sit in my closet and stare at them. So I need your advice. Do you own a pair of Hunter boots? Which one is your favorite?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Beware - Hunter Boots used to be a high end product with superb quality and longevity, hence the price. Since they moved their manufacturing from UK to China, the standards have dropped considerably, and many many customers have been disappointed. One customer has started a facebook group to register their feelings as Hunter delete any negative feedback from their website. The complaints are stacking up, and hundreds of people have told their stories - poor quality, leaking boots, very poor response from Hunter re complaints (my own boots leaked after just a few months) Such a shame!

  2. I have to admit that I own no rain boots but probably need to get some.


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