Frozen Olaf Treat Bag Tutorial

Can you tell by this week's posts that I am obsessed with PicMonkey? All I want to do is make collages, add embellishments to photos and take every forehead line out of every selfie that I have ever made. Definitely recommend.

So I promised in this week's Frozen Party Post & Frozen Party: It's All About the Details that I would talk about the Olaf party favors. Today is the day!

This is what you need (all can be found at craft stores):

Our party favor was Starbucks hot cocoa (purchased at Target) with a silver striped straw to fit the theme and match the silver, turquoise and white party colors. The birthday girl loves cocoa. And straws.

Little Kid attached the orange nose and google eyes with the glue stick and I stapled his brown twigs (made from the construction paper). 

If you have the supplies and are super crafty, you could make his eyebrows and mouth with construction paper. I was already working on a deadline and decided to cut corners and use sharpies. Even doing so, I will be honest - it took me awhile to make 24 of these. Olaf had worn out his welcome by day four.

When putting out party favors, I always like to make a sign to tell guests that they are free to grab one when they leave. Kid parties are bananas and sometimes guests have to leave early - I would hate for someone to slip out without a treat. This year's sign:

Google images is a great resource.

Pretty simple and cost-effective way to have a fun, Frozen treat bag. For more party ideas, please check out my Party Planning page. Thanks for dropping in today!


  1. So cute! I haven't seen the movie but I sure need to. Everywhere I look, I see cute Frozen party themes. Great job on those bags!!

  2. They turned out really cute.

  3. would this be too much work if I let the kids make these at the party? I'm having an arts and crafts party with Frozen theme and trying to find something for them to do craft-wise for an hour?

  4. Hi Kim! I tried to respond to your comment via email or comment, but Google Plus and I broke up and I deleted my acct. in a fit of pique. I think that it would be a great project - very easy for small hands, but it will probably not take them very long. They are fast to make - unless you are making 24! The only thing that littles would probably have an issue with is the stapling but you can use glue stick too. Thanks for the question - HTH!

    1. OK, thanks. I need to find something to keep those little guys busy for at least an hour, so I guess I'll be making those cute bags while the kids do something else.

    2. Maybe some Frozen coloring pages? That might buy you some time! :D

  5. Congratulations! Your post was featured on my blog today in my Frozen Round Up post. Stop by to check it out and grab your "I've Been Featured" button at http://bestlifemistake.blogspot.com/2014/06/frozen-crafts-and-ideas-roundup.html

    Amy @ Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes


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