It's a Frozen Birthday Party

The birthday party has come and gone and we are still standing. 

We had a great turnout, Nothing Broke Down and the weather was beautiful - a welcome change after last year's thunderstorms with tornado warnings. Good times. Everything went really well - we had a few peanut allergies to contend with, but luckily both of the guests are A-okay. If no one makes a trip to the ER, then I say: Success.

Okay, pictures! Nana gave Little Kid this Anna dress to wear to her party but I could not get her down the stairs in it. She said that it was too scratchy. Sigh. Whoever designs a dress up outfit out of soft fabric would make a mint.

Once again, we could not have pulled this party off without the grandmothers. Gramma helped with setup and parent greeting while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and Nana set up the cupcakes (both The Engineer and I are nursing colds and did not want to infect any food or drink).

Snowflake cupcakes -


It was so much fun to hear the kids come in and shout, "Olaf!"

Her little sister was one tired girl - her birthday party was directly before Little Kids and they each went to both!

Game time!

We played the Frozen soundtrack and this sweet gal at The Little Gym read  the storybook to the kids.

They were spellbound - mostly.

Check out Big Kid's Olaf shirt - that was an iron on that the Nana ironed for us, because I surely would have set it on fire.

We served cupcakes and Reeses Pieces ice cream trees. I thought that they looked...wintery?

The highlight of the party (other than Olaf) was the castle piƱata. We had never done one with strings before and did not know what we were doing. We thought that each kid would come up and pull a string - yeah, that does not really work. Thankfully, our friend Kathryn clued us in that all of the kids are supposed to pull a string simultaneously. Ohhh.

Controlled chaos!

Tomorrow: The Details, or how I spent four days making Olaf treat bags:

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I hope that your day was everything you wanted it to be!


  1. I loved Frozen and you did an amazing job with the party details. Those OLAF bags are adorable. Simple and sweet party! Perfect for your 6 year old!

  2. SO cute!!!! What a perfect theme for a January birthday girl! Love it. My girls are OBSESSED with Frozen. Happy birthday Alexa!

  3. It looks like y'all had a blast.

  4. Adorable party idea!! Your little one is beautiful in her Anna dress, I know all about those scratchy dresses.

  5. Really cute party! My daughter is so obsessed with this movie and all the songs! It has actually taken first place over American Girl, which is huge!! Love the favor bags.


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