A Wedding Celebration

In February my sister Deena, who eschews the traditional, married her longtime love - a gentleman affectionately known around Team Skelley as Big Cody - in a small, private ceremony. They have been together for many years and are expecting a baby later this year. They decided to forgo the expensive wedding and instead put that money towards my new nephew. But we still wanted to have a celebration for them and our cousin Heather came up with the idea of throwing them a wedding shower/celebration.

Sunday we traveled back to my hometown in Tennessee for the party, held at the local country club. Little Kid was originally slated to be the flower girl and that was serious business for her, so we went ahead and picked her out a white dress and flower halo.

I was in charge of invitations and went with a orange rose theme - Deena's favorite flower:

Courtesy of Hue 

Grandaddy and Grammy Karen provided the beautiful flowers from the florist who also did our wedding - Custom Designs in Winchester always creates the perfect arrangement.

 My mom and sister picked out the cake from the Blackberry Patch in Winchester, who also did our wedding cake twelve years ago. Those flowers are MADE OF ICING!

 via teamskelley on Instagram

The Bride and Groom and parents to be!

Big Cody is one of my kids' favorite persons. 

Heather and I - I don't know how people can tell we are related. Actually, several years ago I was back home and had an entire conversation with a shop owner before she realized that I was not Heather.

My Davis aunts with their youngest brother.

Big Kid brought his baseball cards to show Grammy and Grandaddy. 

Big Cody is actually a twin - this is Big Clint. They are both 7'3" - we are expecting this baby to be about twelve pounds.

Deena's Bestie Linda directing us on cake cutting which was much-needed because I had no idea how to cut a wedding cake. For some reason my iPhone turned this yellow.

Unfortunately, the only picture I have of Gramma is of her eating cake and she would kill me dead if I put that on the blog. Never fear, Linda is a professional photographer (hence the cake direction, she is a wedding pro) and she took pictures of the festivities. So instead I will leave you with these two hooligans - my youngest and Heather's oldest, who are five months apart in age.

Messes, both of them.

Congratulations Aunt Deena and Big Cody!

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