Favorite Things: Outdoor Edition

To distract ourselves from the oncoming storms (Torcon is at 8 for Huntsville right now, seriously not cool), I am joining up with Andrea & Erika's Favorite Things Under $10 link up - outdoor edition!

Just a little of this will make your Vinca go from this:

To this!

This is what we planted on Friday - with a little Miracle Grow it should be overflowing the concrete planter soon.

2. Hello Kitty Watering Can:

Miss Girl has been tending to our Vinca with her new watering can from the Easter Bunny, who found the watering can at Target for $6. I have not had to water the plants at all yet - she is an excellent gardening assistant.

3. $10 Outdoor Chair Cushions

via Team Skelley on Instagram

Do you have an Old Time Pottery close by? If so, they are running their chair cushions 50% off and these bad boys were $10. And they are super good quality too.

Weather Update: 

Redstone Arsenal started shutting down at 11am - I left at 11:30 and The Engineer left at noon. Schools closed at noon also and we are now hunkered down waiting for the bad weather to arrive. The sun is shining and it looks like a normal April day, which is not good because the warmer it gets, the more conducive the weather is for tornadoes. It seems too soon to be going through this again - my post about the historic and devastating tornadoes of 2011: Here.

It is truly the calm before the storm. Stay safe today.

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  1. I've never heard of Old Stone Pottery but that cushion is so cute! And only $10!

  2. LOVE that cushion!!! So cute! Your yard is looking awesome!
    Thanks so much for linking up!!!
    :) Andrea

  3. Your yard is beautiful!!! I'm SO envious! We have SO much to do!!

    1. Girl, you should see the grass! And the patio - yikes!


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