I woke up today and realized that we have hit the halfway mark.

Twelve years ago today, The Engineer and I were married. Twelve years from now (if they follow a traditional route), Big Kid will be finishing up his last set of college finals at Vanderbilt (Ha! and I will be selling a kidney to fund it) and Little Kid will be graduating from high school - as class valedictorian, of course.

Or not - the one thing that comes along with being on this earth for almost 37 years is that I have learned that plans can change in an instant. Even The Engineer and I did not take a strictly traditional collegiate path - he chose to co-op with NASA which put him in a five-year engineering program and I double majored and powered through in 3.5 years.

But I was just so surprised that we are halfway through their childhood. I told my dad this today and he reminded me that he is still parenting me.

"The best laid schemes of mice and men, often go awry."

I can plot and plan, but ultimately it is not in my hands. So my only plan is to enjoy the next twelve years. If they are as good as these past twelve, then I will be very lucky indeed.

Happy Anniversary, MLS.

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    1. I hit delete instead of reply on your other comment - FAIL. They had some very pretty aqua cushions too, HTH! I am glad that we made it through the week with no damage, but sad that Athens and Hazel Green cannot say the same thing. One of Marc's guys had serious damage to his house.


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