3 Favorite Things Under 10: Red, White & Blue Edition

Happy Memorial Day! Today, Erika and Andrea are asking for our fave things under $10 - in red, white and blue. This is what I got:


White House Black Market T-Strap Heels

Our choir wore patriotic colors to the service yesterday and these were the shoes I chose to go with my navy dress. Normally, you are not going to find $10 shoes at White House, Black Market but I scored these bad boys on a local Facebook yard sale website. They were a little narrow and did not fit the gal's feet so she sold them to me for $10, SCORE. Of course, the Engineer was all, those are neither white, nor black. Hey, I don't ask questions - I just enjoy the deal.


Organic Coconut Oil

I am a coffee lover from way back and my teeth show it. So when Kait shared an inexpensive teeth whitening technique called oil pulling, I was all about it. Basically, you swish your mouth with organic coconut oil ($8 at most groceries) for 20 min. per day. It really does work! And is so much more affordable than teeth whitening treatments.


A gift from the Bestie. I am such a brand devotee, I usually only use OPI but this is a great shade - although the name, "Butler Please," is perplexing - and it is my college alma mater color, so I can wear it in the fall to watch them lose play games.

Thanks, ladies! Happy Monday!

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  1. Our picks are VERY similar!! Love that Essie polish!!

  2. Stopping by from the linkup! Love using coconut oil! So glad to "meet you"! :-)

    - Elizabeth

    1. Thanks for popping by! I just wish it tasted better! :)


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