5 for Friday: 5 things that I have learned from cruising

We are about to embark on our family's second Disney Cruise and are ridiculously excited. This one will be longer than our last one in 2012 and we will be gone for a whole week with stops in Cozumel, Grand Caymen and Jamaica.

Planning for a cruise is a whole different experience from planning a regular vacation. On a vacation to the beach or the mountains, if you run out of underwear, you just head to the nearest store and buy underwear. The same thing goes for makeup or hairspray or what not. That is not the case for cruising. Little Kid ran out of undies on our last cruise and a pack that would have been $8 at Target were $35 in the gift shop. Low on makeup? You are out of luck.

On the last cruise, I started planning and picking up items a month in advance and found myself out at 8pm the night before buying swimsuits and sunblock. Not this year. I told The Engineer that I was starting my list three months in advance and I did. I even have a spreadsheet. He might have shed a tear, he was so proud.

This is what I have learned in the four cruises that I have taken over my lifetime. Take it with a grain of salt as I am nowhere near an expert, but I have been around the port a few times. That sounded dirty.

1. Extra underwear!!! 

This is my weird hangup but I cannot reuse dirty underwear - if I put on a pair, but then change into my swimsuit mid-day, I have to put on a new pair afterwards. Which means I need double undies.

2. Sweaty clothes-DNW

On most vacations, I pack light and wear jeans and layering pieces multiple times. But on tropical vacations where the weather is hot and I am sweaty, I cannot reuse sweat-soaked clothes. And on a cruise, you don't have washing capabilities. So extra outfits it is!

3. Daily clothing packets

This has been a hit over at Pinterest and I plan to use these for the upcoming cruise. I would make some for the Engineer if his clothes would fit.

4. Hanging jewelry & shoe organizer

This idea is genius! And totally not mine. Hanging organizers are a great way of keeping track of all of the little things that tend to get misplaced, such as room keys, cell phones, etc.

Exclusive to Disney Cruising

5. Fish-extender fun

via teamskelley on Instagram

We did not do this last time but we noticed on the ship that some rooms decorated their doors. So this time, we will be taking our own fish extender with a command hook. The kids and I will hit up the dollar section at Target for our own fish extender stash. This will help to make this cruise unique for the family.

So what about you? Any cruising advice? I would love to hear it. For more about Disney cruising, check out the Disney Cruise link in the nav bar at the top of the page.

Have a great weekend - we are doing ball (natch) with Gramma coming down to see Mr. Second Base, a cheerleading camp for Miss Sassy, a pool party at the neighbors and a choir performance Sunday. It is shaping up well.

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