Changes: Last Day of School

School's out for summer! Ten weeks of hopefully a slower pace. The regular baseball season also concludes tonight with the tournament set to start next week. Go Nats!

There is nothing I like more than comparison photos:

I pulled the first day pics off the blog, which made them a little grainy. I thought that it added to the affect of fourth grade and kindergarten being behind us. I am too lazy busy to dig up the originals.

I don't think that this school year could have gone any better. The kids' teachers were fantastic and they both had a smooth year. I tried to balance volunteering at the school with work and think that I did a pretty good job. Once again, living within walking distance of the school was a godsend. Even when the PE coach yells at me for riding my bike through the basketball court. #itsnotlikeiranoverakid

Summer will bring on some changes - for the first time ever, the Skelley kids will go to day camp three days a week. I am a little nervous and hope that they have a good experience. One day a week, Gramma will come down and spend the day with them and on Fridays, I am lucky that they will be able to stay home with me.

What we have cooking this summer: VACATION! + Space Camp for Big Kid + VBS at Little Kid's preschool church + plus our VBS will be in the evening this year so The Engineer and I will be able to volunteer. And let's not forget The Engineer's 25th class reunion is this summer. Did I mention that I was a child bride?

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Yay! School's over! You guys are going to have a super fun summer. My son looks forward to summer camp every year. It's his favorite part of the whole summer!!

    1. I hope - the other neighborhood kids seem to like it a lot. Happy Summer, Ida!

  2. Your kids are so stinkin' cute!!! I love that you took photos on the first and last day. We always do the first day only but this is a great way to see how much they've changed and grown. Congrats to you for summer starting, we still have two LONG weeks. :)

  3. They are so cute. I am sure they will enjoy the summer camp.


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