Five Shorts for Friday

In the latest in riveting content that is a hallmark of Team Skelley, today's Five for Friday is about my favorite shorts. Because I am nothing if not edgy and avant garde.

I am not so much a short person, I am cold-natured and gave up tanning when I hit 30, so any golden tan I have now is out of a bottle. And sometimes that is just a hassle that I don't have time for. But Alabama in the summer is face-melting hot, so these are what I will be sporting this summer season. I like JCrew and JCrew Factory shorts because they are true to size and good quality, so although they are a little more pricey, you will get many years of wear out of them. And while I appreciate Gap and Loft's attempts to convince me that I am a size 4, I know deep down in my heart that I am not a size 4. Vanity sizing fools no one. JCrew sizing is reliable.

The shorts that I am wearing below are sold out now, but any of their side-zip shorts are golden. I wore mine to the Ben Folds Five/Barenaked Ladies concert in Nashville last summer.

The Katies

My 2014 Short Choices-

It is hard to find unique shorts but I like the eye-catching design on these.


Some people do not feel comfortable in shorty shorts and I get that completely. This is a great alternative to the popular short styles that inch uncomfortably close to Daisy Dukes. I have these in aqua because I am incapable of resisting aqua-colored clothing.


A little more daring.


If you are a brave person, or have been hitting the gym hard this spring and darn it, you are wearing short shorts, these 3 inchers will show off the gams. Work. It.


I have an addition to stripes. Sometimes, we will leave the house and all four of us are wearing some sort of striped clothing. 

So was your mind blown? I know that I am the billionth blogger to talk shorts this spring but I do only recommend clothing here that I truly like and wear, so I did want to share these. And they are 30% off right now!

Have a great weekend, gang! It is shaping up to be a good one. After the work week that I had, I can use a baseball-free, choir-free, birthday party-free weekend. Today I am meeting some ladies for lunch, hosting the Bestie for a belated bday dinner, and tomorrow the Engineer and I are finally getting to celebrate our anniversary! Top that off with Mother's Day on Sunday and everything is coming up Millhouse over here. #nevertoooldforasimpsonsreference

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