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It has been a month since my last big basset update so I thought that I would share what is going on with Baxter Clyde, as of his doctor appointment this morning.

I guess we cannot refer to him as the Fat Dog anymore, as he has lost three more pounds since his last checkup in April. At his most robust, Baxter weighed 70 lbs. and as of today he was at 52. I used to not be able to lift him into my SUV and had little trouble this morning doing so. The vet said that the weight loss was as a result of the meds.

Good news: His three meds are working. She said that they are probably slowing his decline and making him feel better, but eventually they will stop working. But since he is doing well and we have seen more energy, she has added another pill that should help his coughing and breathing.

I am not going to lie - these meds are expensive. We have never spent this much money on medicine for any humans in our house, much less dogs. But that is because we have been incredibly lucky. I know that large prescription drug bills are a reality for many people and I am just thankful that we can afford his medicine. Also, I can't entertain the idea of putting him to sleep as long as he is happy and still enthusiastic about going to pick up the kids or when The Engineer comes home. This vet visit was very expensive because we also had his routine maintenance like nail clipping and heartworm meds. He did have an ear infection but when does he not have an ear infection? And - we had to have his anal glands expressed, which dear Lord. I felt like I should have paid extra and apologized for that one.

Baxter has his good days and bad days. Saturday afternoon he was his old self at a neighbor's backyard pool party. He ran around, went up and down stairs without problem and even woofed at a young pup who was all up in his grill. But then for the last two days he has done little more than sleep. His back legs shake a lot and the vet thinks that is due to weakness.

We have started talking with our vet about what we are going to do when it is time to put him to sleep and made plans for what to do if the unthinkable happens while we are on vacation. It is sad to know that he will probably never run circles in our house like he used to, but as long as he is comfortable and happy then we will not make any big decisions.

Thank you for your kind comments here and across social media. Baxter loves you too.

Baxter this afternoon, snuggling: 

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  1. Awww ... you're a good dog mom. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. My rule is that you never, ever add up what you spend on them (and whatever it is, it's worth it anyway, so long as you are able to feed and clothe the people in the house first). I think you have a good plan for now and the future. My only suggestion would be to nix the heartworm meds. Honestly, it's just one more (sort of questionable) chemical in his system and even if he would be infected with heartworm (highly unlikely), frankly, he'll be gone before it's a problem. Plus, if you can return whatever you bought today (most vets take back unopened stuff), you can save a little dough to buy the guy a bone or whatever trips his trigger. Give him a big ol' hug for me.

  2. We've been thinking about you guys and Baxter! I am happy to hear that he was spunky over the weekend. If he's like the bassets I know, he's probably just resting up from that ;) give him a big smooch and hug from us!

  3. I am happy to hear he has been acting spunky. Belle sleeps for days after going to daycare or being at the parents and playing with their dogs. She spends most of her day sleeping otherwise.

  4. I'm glad that he is generally doing OK. I'm still praying for Baxter and you all!

    1. Thanks, girl! He is having a good couple of days so I think we are even going to venture out on a walk this morning!


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