Mother's Day 2014

I don't get to say this often but this weekend rocked. Seriously.

First off: No baseball!

Not that I dislike spending all of my free time at the ball field but we are in the last two weeks of the season and baseball fatigue has set in. Not for our coach though, we have four games and practices scheduled for the coming week. Sigh.

After a long workweek, I hit my hour limit Thursday afternoon and decided that it would be best for my mental heath if I took the day off Friday. The day started with a luncheon for a friend who lost her father this year. She has struggled and we wanted to show her some support and love. (Confidential to Misty: You are a good friend and a great person for planning this!) We had Mexican at Phil Sandoval's. I told The Engineer if I ever open a restaurant, I am definitely calling it Katie Skelley's.

The Bestie arrived in town mid-afternoon Friday and we celebrated with a game of kickball and dinner at Shaggy's. The kids were happy to see Aunt Veve and shower her with birthday gifts.

Saturday, Gramma picked up the kids for a movie outing to see Rio 2 and then we left the tiny terrors with our babysitter Red-Haired Anna and headed out in the evening to celebrate our anniversary at our favorite steakhouse, Connor's.

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Afterwards, hell must have been frosty cold because The Engineer actually wanted to buy some clothes! I was so happy. I think he realized that he could not wear the same two pairs of shorts on a weeklong Caribbean cruise, so it was begrudging, but I ran with it.

We are so fortunate to live two miles from an incredibly nice entertainment and shopping mecca, which I had the pleasure of writing about (page B21) for a recent special issue of the newspaper. It was prom night, so we enjoyed seeing the kids all fancy.

On Mother's Day, I just chilled at home. The only thing I wanted to do was not do anything. And a chicken salad wrap from Dunkin Donuts because they are mouthwatering good. Unfortunately this particular chicken wrap must have sat out too long because I ended the weekend with a stomach ache. But while I still felt normal, I attended our church orchestra's spring concert Sunday night. The director Sandy is one of my favorite people in the world and Red-Haired Anna was on drums.

All day Sunday, The Engineer corralled and fed kids while I relaxed and munched and read (and might have done some internet shopping). He was on a business trip for last year's Mother's Day so I especially enjoyed his being home this year - and washing my car.

But wait! This super sized weekend is not over yet. Monday, I ninja'd into the Army Garrison for our weekly editing session and staff meeting and then I ninja'd out to take my mom to a Mother's Day lunch - I like to stay under the radar. We dined at Commerce Kitchen. She deserves it because she is a super mom and grandmother. When they came back from the movies, I asked her if they behaved and her response: "Of course, they were angels." M. and I exchanged a side eye because we know better.

So needless to say that I will be on a bread and water diet for the rest of the week.

Totally worth it.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! You totally deserve it!

  2. Sounds like a fun filled wweekend! Happy Mom's Day!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend.


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