Cruising with Mickey Again

For our Skelley Family 2014 vacation, we decided to embark on another Disney Cruise … pretty much as soon we disembarked our last one in 2012. It was that great. This time instead of doing the park/ four night cruise combo on the Disney Dream, we set sail for seven nights on a Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy. It was a long drive down to Port Canaveral but definitely worth it to spend a week on a floating luxury resort.

We tried to make this cruise as different as possible than the one two years ago with new experiences for the gang. But I will warn you that there are comparison shots ahead -

Our customary Lets see how much stuff we can cram in our car photo:

I dialed back the fake tanner for the trip, thankfully.

Kids Club onboard, 2012

Kids Club, 2014-

Once again, we had a hard time prying the boy out of the kids club, but we managed to bribe him with ice cream.

A longer cruise meant more port excursions, such as swimming with dolphins in Cozumel, Mexico!

We took a carriage ride thru Falmouth, Jamaica.

And took a duck boat ride (the tour bus turned into a boat) through Grand Cayman.

Our first time playing shuffleboard (and for once I actually beat the Engineer at a competition. Although he wiped the floor with me at miniature golf).

The last time we were on Castaway Cay it stormed, but this time the weather was beautiful and we were able to enjoy more of the island. We were bummed that Frozen's Anna and Elsa were not among the Princesses onboard, but we did see Olaf on the island!

The mystery hunt onboard was also a fave, once again. Pepe's mini room was a clue to the Muppets' mystery hunt.

Animator's Palate was our favorite restaurant onboard. Pirate night!

We also made new friends from Illinois, Little Kid especially bonded with her new friend, K.

Our waiters each night traveled with us to the different restaurant and Vladimir and Meible were a super special duo.

Big Kid was super excited about posing in front of a Cinderella mosaic on the ship.

We did learn a few new tips on this cruise - will be sharing those in an upcoming post. I won't overwhelm you with character photos because once again, we have a lot. We tried to get the ones that we missed on our last trip. Needless to say that we like character photos. And for this cruise, Little Kid purchased an autograph book for them all to sign. It was very important that if we had Pirate Pluto sign the book, that we also get Beach Pluto to sign the book. Because they are DIFFERENT.

The Fantasy was a beautiful ship. Built two years after the Dream and only two years old, it had a few new bells and whistles that we did not experience on our last trip.

As always, I think one of the Engineer's favorite parts were the towel animals in our stateroom. 

Once again, it was an amazing trip. No one does it like Disney and I will fully admit to being just as excited as the short people to see this guy again -


As the Mouse himself likes to say …

See you real soon!

Cruising with Mickey and More, 2012:

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  1. Love all the pics. I can't wait to take my son on a Disney cruise!!

  2. Looks like a great time! Fun to see the comparison pictures too.

  3. It looks like a blast. And it is amazing how much the kids have changed.


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