I'll Get By: T4T

I am not too proud to admit that many of my Tunes for Tuesday comes from the loudspeaker at Kroger. Whoever does their song selection is my musical soulmate. From a recent Saturday morning shopping jaunt:

This video is so classic early nineties. Although I don't understand why trash is blowing into his face. The song is about a breakup, maybe his lady threw him out with the trash? 

The Bestie and I saw Eddie Money live at River Stages in Nashville in 1999 - at 21/22, we were clearly the youngest people in the audience but let me tell you, those moms and dads were rocking. And Mr. Money put on one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

Speaking of awesome concerts - guess who we have tickets to?

YES. Original lineup! I saw them in 2003, but Christine McVie is coming back for this tour and I LOVE Christine McVie. #macsuperfan

Happy Tuesday!

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