Laser Tag Birthday Party

So this is what we did yesterday:

courtesy of The Creation Station

Whew! I am always comatose after birthday parties (and I am a walking zombie today) but it went really well. The boys seemed to have a blast and we enjoyed watching them scurry around the warehouse on the closed-caption TVs:
There are few things in this world that my boy loves more than chocolate donuts so that is what we served - easy and fun.

Miss Girl hung out with Gramma during the festivities. I think she felt a little left out because she was too young to play laser tag.

We have a deal - the boy doesn't have to cut his hair this summer until the week before school starts. I think he believes that he will have cool Disney Channel character hair where I keep trying to convince him that with his curly hair, it is going to turn into a white boy 'fro.

They look exhausted. YES.

The donuts were a big hit. I have never had good luck with party food for kids. If you remember Big Kid's six-year-old party, we had Chik Fil A and fancy cupcakes and a huge spread and no one ate anything but popsicles. I learned my lesson  - kids really do not care about food at parties, they just want to play. But after running around a warehouse for an hour, these kids inhaled those donuts. WIN.

Party favors for ten-year-old boys: not an easy task. I found the coolest light-up balls, only to find out when I was putting them together that they would not fit in the bottles. And then when we tried to put the glow-up bracelets in, they were a tiny bit too long and kept breaking and lighting up. Sigh. So we went with candy. Between that and the donuts, I bet our guests' parents were super happy with us. #tenyearoldboyshoppeduponsugarbeforedinner

I forgot to move the washi tape before snapping the picture. Doh.

Spectactical posted this picture of the group on their Facebook page. Hardcore.

Now that he is in double digits, we know that we won't be doing these bigger birthday parties much longer. This might have been the last one. Each year, we pare down, we do less prep and decor - scale back. I am okay with that. We had a good run for ten years.

My boy is growing up.

(Notice his donut shirt - it is his favorite. I told you the boy loves donuts.)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Cool party and donut idea! I'll have to keep that place in mind.

  2. Who doesn't love chocolate donuts??? Happy Birthday to the both of you! :)


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