The 2000th Pin

I was at Pinterest the other day and realized that I had 1997 pins. I decided that Pin #2000 needed to be epic and then I proceeded to put all kinds of pressure on myself to find the most awesome pin ever. And here it it …

It's a backpack, I know. But wait. School just let out last week. No one is thinking about back to school, which means backpacks are just languishing in stock at Pottery Barn Kids. Languishing at 50% off.

Big Kid had the backpack version of this in brown and it has held up tremendously for two years. We always buy the nicer backpacks and then use them for two school years to get our money's worth. Last year was the first year that I did not buy him a Pottery Barn lunchbox and the Target one is in tatters. Back to the good quality for his last couple of years of elementary school.

This is Little Kid's first ever backpack and she asked for a rolling one with horses. Done.

In other TS news: I have been a total fail at responding to comments lately. I am sorry. I honestly hope that the blog never grows so large that I can no longer respond to comments, because the community here is a big reason that I blog. I promise that I will get right on that.

Happy (early) Weekend!

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  1. I am a PBK mom -- sleeping bag, mini backpack, and several lunch boxes* to rotate for M's preschool days are here and in use right now. I also have some "big girl" items for down the road that I bought on sale. As great as PBK is you have to catch them on sale because they can be pricey, but you cannot beat the quality!

    *We like everything about them preschool - I'll take that back - we are overjoyed about everything at M's preschool, but the fact that we have to pack her lunch is still a challenge for me after 6 months! Sad, I know.

    Happy Happy 10th birthday to Big Kid! Where does the time go? I realized that this means I have known you and your engineer for a decade because we first met back in M'boro when BK was a baby at Hunter's house. Remember we were all grilling out? That seems like just yesterday but also a lifetime ago. I'm sure he enjoyed his birthday!

    1. I was just thinking about that cookout the other day! Wasn't that just before y'all moved to DC? You were wearing a cute hat. On the way home, Marc and I commented that you were a keeper and Hunter had better grab ahold of you! ;)

  2. Now I feel like I have an addiction as I am close to 20,000.


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