A lemonade stand

Little Kid has asked all summer to have a lemonade stand. We finally had a free Saturday so she set it up last weekend. It was a ridiculously hot day and we would have been lost without our neighbor's tent.

When discussing the stand, I told her that usually when kids have a lemonade stand they decide to give a portion of their proceeds to a good cause, be it a church or a charity or someone in need. She decided, completely on her own, to give her 100% proceeds to Christmas Charities Year Round's back to school program. I was so proud of her. I wrote a story about the program for next week's newspaper and when getting back to school supplies last week, she and I talked about how some kids could not afford to buy panda notebooks like the one she picked out. She has such a big heart, it is huge.

Needless to say that there are a lot of positives to living on a cul de sac but lemonade stand traffic is not one of them. She was a little bummed with the turnout, however her disappointment was eased with a dip in our neighbor's pool. However, my dear friend Leigh Anne in Austin, Texas, was so touched by the Little's idea that she mailed her a contribution. LA, if a package arrives from Alabama with strawberry lemonade leaking out the side … you're welcome.

Telling other people how to spend their money is not my jam, unless you are my sister and in that case, I like to give unsolicited opinions on a variety of topics. But if you do have a local back to school ministry or charity, I urge you to check them out. Every child should have a new panda notebook and a good pair of shoes that fit for the first day of school. Every. One.

So speaking of - school starts in less than a week, gang. A week!

After two years of an extended 12 week summer, the school system shortened our summer back two weeks and I am really noticing the shorter length. I did not think I would as usually by the last couple of weeks, my children have used up every little bit of good behavior and are doing their best impersonation of howler monkeys. But this summer, we have been so busy that I feel like I looked up for a moment and realized that first grade and fifth grade are here. I am a little ambivalent this year about the end of summer - I will miss sleeping in and no homework but I love back to school, I love new shoes, fresh haircuts and the promise of a new year. Needless to say that I was one of those kids who eagerly anticipated the beginning of school and agonized over which Trapper Keeper folders to buy in the store. Do I want the rainbow or the kittens? This is such a monumental decision!

If you need some last-minute back to school avenues - my gotos are Gap - everything in the store is 40% off, JCrew Factory - you can't beat 50% off all items, and of course, the Nordstrom anniversary sale's last week is happening right now. I really enjoy how easy they make returns as both my sneakers and Big Kid's BTS Nikes were too small. Back to the drawing board!

Happy Tuesday! Wednesday! (I was a little late on hitting the publish button.)

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  1. Awesome! Go Little Kid! One of my sorority sisters / dear friend is the executive director of Christmas Charities Year Round! It is a wonderful charitable organization! Hey, did you consider setting up the lemonade stand in front of your neighborhood clubhouse / pool? If they permit that it maybe a good idea. I've seen stands set up in front of clubhouses and common areas before. I, too, have fond memories of back to school and was always excited to pick out just the right school supplies!

  2. What a sweet girl. I hate she wasn't able to raise much money.


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