Friday Furry Favorites

It's no secret that I love basset hounds. I know you would have never guessed that by this blog, my social media posts and my clothing choices and home decor. I realized last night that I brought my first hound home when I was 23. The Engineer and I had only dated for four months, which is kind of nuts if you think about it. I can't believe we did that - we put more thought into getting a new mattress than we did getting a dog. I blame the giddiness of new love.

I saw an ad in our newspaper for basset puppies and I told him that my dad has always wanted a basset hound and loves the breed. He said that he had always wanted a basset hound too - one of his best friends  had a big, ol' hound named Jackson when they were growing up. So I called the ad and a few weeks later, I brought home this little fella in July 2001:

#1. Jake Flash

Wow, did we not know what we were getting into. Jake was a crazy dog but we loved him so much. He was our first baby and I worried about him incessantly during our honeymoon that next April even though I knew that he was in good hands with our friend and fellow basset enthusiast, Joyce. Sadly, Jake died in September 2003 from a brain aneurism, two days after I found out that I was pregnant with Big Kid. We were heartbroken.

It took us awhile to get another hound. The arrival of Big Kid completely changed our lives but I knew eventually we would have another basset hound. It took us a long time to grieve after losing Jakie. The Engineer especially took it hard. In summer 2005, I started looking online at the Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama - we knew that we did not need another puppy and loved the idea of helping a dog who needed a home. We came across a little red basset named Sparky, but when I called to ask about him, BHRA told me that Sparky was spoken for - he was going to live with actor and comedian Garry Shandling! Not only did he adopt Sparky, he sent his private plane from California to Alabama to adopt every elderly basset hound (which are the hardest to adopt, of course) on their list! Is that not the best story ever? We were watching a movie this summer and I pointed him out to Big Kid and he said, "That guy has our dog!"

So they asked us - Have you thought about Caesar? Caesar was a beautiful, black and white basset who was three. They found him wandering the streets of Birmingham. But you might know him as The Fat Dog:

#2. Baxter Clyde

My hair … great googly moogly.

His foster mom Linda called him Clyde - she said that he looked more like a Clyde. He became a beloved member of our family and many of his exploits for the past five years are here on Team Skelley under the basset hound tag. He probably looks more familiar to longtime readers with his white face below. He did not stay black for very long. I have often wondered if he was older than we thought.

Even though we did adopt a new hound soon after he passed away, I will miss Bax for a long, long time.

With Baxter, we started our tradition of keeping our adopted dogs' rescue names for middle names. We continued that with our newest hound:

#3: Fletcher Curtis

He is a big lug. Sweet dog and surprisingly agile considering his girth. We have never had one of those huge bassets that you see out and about - until now. He is adjusting very well - every day he relaxes more and is sleeping longer and eating. Loves walks. Loves kids. Loves attention. Loves food (even apples, which is bizarre to me). Does not love our garage door. Our house is covered in Baxter scent so we are having some territory marking issues. I bought some NoGo spray yesterday and that seems to be working. I also bought this puppy calming spray to get him to sleep on his cushion and it works! The first night he fussed and cried at bedtime and lay on the floor beside my spot in the bed. Got up and wandered around in the middle of the night. Last night, I sprayed his bed, he hopped right on and we did not hear a peep out of him until I woke up at 6:30. $10 and it works!

So those are my furry, four-legged loves. As much as I have enjoyed my clean floors this summer (and I really, really have - probably too much) I would not trade clean, hair-free floors for the fun of living with a basset hound. They have brought us so much joy since our early days together and I would like to think that we have given them a happy home and lots of love. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go vacuum up some dog hair.
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  1. Love this! I grew up with basset hounds and would LOVE to have another someday. The slobber is not so great but besides that they are the best- so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope you get to have another hound dog - they are really great companions and so sweet. I think I have more basset friends than people friends on Instagram, ha!

  2. Such a sweet post! Love your new family member!

  3. Great stories about your canine babies! I hope to meet Fletcher Curtis sometime soon!

    1. Me too! You need to have another dog party this year! :D

  4. Of course I love love love this post. So much basset goodness.

  5. That first picture of Jake! I DIE! As if I needed any more evidence to file in my Why We Need A Basset Hound Immediately folder.


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