Let's hear it for the boy

I am not even really a fan of that song but last week marked the first time in a long, LONG time that Big Kid and I were together by ourselves. Probably since The Engineer went overseas in 2007 for work. Little was born in January 2008 and since then if M. traveled, both kids were here or if one child was gone, he was here. So what does one do with a ten-year-old boy?

Sno Cones, a trip to Barnes & Noble to buy books for the car ride to Nana's, a Waffle House stop, dinner at Red Robin and a little shopping for Mom, which required some bribery. Gramma took him to the movies and the Space & Rocket Ctr. while I was in work Monday and as you can see above, there were several Pokemon games with his "bros," as they are known around here. Toss in some swimming and another trip to the movies with his day camp and everything was coming up Big Kid last week.

(That is actually not an alcoholic beverage above. It is a Freckled Lemonade from Red Robin and it is the best thing that I have ever drank in my life.)

The Engineer returned home on Friday, unpacked, packed again and then we all headed to his hometown in Tennessee for his 25th class reunion. By the end of the day, he had traveled through four states.

Confidential to Paris, TN: Hey Becky! :D

Pics are a little blurry due to the low lighting. M. has a core group of friends (if you were my son you might refer to them as his "bros,") that he has been tight with since they were kids.

They are all scattered across different cities and states and we don't see them often, but when they do get together, it is as no time has passed. They are a great group of guys and it was a fun weekend. Not meeting The Engineer until he was 29, I am always interested in getting a peek into his younger days. He was already established into a career and a pretty confident guy when we met so it is always fun to see pictures and talk to people who knew him when he was a sweet, shy teenager.

In other Team Skelley news, the response to Name that Hound has been epic with people IGing, texting and Facebooking their picks, in addition to voting here. Even the college kid who mows our yard put in his vote for Watson this evening. As of Monday night, Fletcher is in the lead, but you have one more day to vote!

Happy Monday!

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