Pinterest Pick of the Week: Friday Funnies

Bloggers are weird. And we overshare a lot.

I forget that until I am talking to non-bloggers and they give me a strange look when I mention that a picture of my closet is on the internet. That happened at the newspaper Monday. We were discussing remodeling and I mentioned that I would like to install a chandelier in my closet (don't worry Husband, its nothing but a pipe dream). Someone asked me about my closet and I pulled a Pinterest photo of it up on my phone. I got some looks for that. We share a lot of things on our personal blogs that non-bloggers might think of as TMI. And I wonder if that is normal? If there is such a thing as normal.

If you are in the blogging community, you probably rarely bat an eye at all of the personal disclosure going on. You see no problem with posting pictures of closets and shoes and really, whatever struck your fancy that day. But for non-bloggers, I am sure that clicking on a "What I Wore Wednesday" must be like entering some parallel universe where a person not only takes a picture of their clothes, but labels them, tells where they bought them and sometimes even how much they cost! I have done it myself.

I have no answers. I just think that it was interesting that us bloggers have this separate online life where we share things that we might not necessarily speak about face to face with our friends.

It has been a busy week around Casa de Skelley - both The Engineer and I have a lot going on at work and we have been at church every night shepherding for VBS. Expect a post on that coming soon. Our church choir sang at a memorial service yesterday for one of our own members and it was a very uplifting, albeit emotionally exhausting morning. Between Albert's celebration service and VBS, I have felt very spiritually renewed this week, even as physically taxing as it has been.

And - as a follow up to last week's To dog or not to dog … it looks like we are going to Dog. And we are very excited. No one could ever take the place of Baxter but I have a good feeling what (or who) is coming.

Happy Weekend!

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images via funnies @ Pinterest

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  1. i totally agree. Those who don't have a blog aren't going to get it. Or that you can make amazing friends by having a blog.


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