Top 2014 Nordstrom #NSale Picks

I came. I saw. I shopped.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened up last week to cardholders and I was perched and ready to go. I found out last year that the #NSale is a great place to go for Back to School and it did not disappoint again this year. Yes I know that I am on the cusp of 37 and a pair of nude pumps is not a back to school purchase but Katie needed some work shoes. And sneakers. And a watch. (Needed? asks The Engineer all the way from Boston, where he is on a business trip. Yes, needed.)

Today the sale goes live everywhere! After a week of perusing and shopping and placing items in my shopping cart and then removing them from my shopping cart and then placing them back in my shopping cart because that is how I roll, I have gathered up my faves from the sale to share. I receive no compensation from this post other than the satisfaction of sharing a good deal with friends. Here we go!

Animal Print Nikes: $72.90/$110

Did you know that you are supposed to change out your sneakers every three months? Do I do that? No. And with these bad boys, I will probably less likely to change them out because they are cheetah sneakers, gang!

I have not owned a watch since I have had a smart phone, but I know The Engineer gets tired of my asking, "What time is it?" when my phone is not close. This is my solution - I am a long-time fan of rose gold. It arrived yesterday and it is glorious. Happy early birthday to me!

I have been looking for a pair of nude pumps for work for over a year, I could not pass these up.

Gramma's pick - Michael Kors peacoat: $149.90/$228

When it comes to shopping, I learned at the feet of the Master, aka my mom. This was her big splurge from the sale.

Ugg slippers: $79.90/$119.95

These will be perfect to relax in after a long day in those VC pumps. Word to the wise: Don't buy slippers from Victoria's Secret. Mine lasted three months. Uggs might cost more (a lot more) but they will also last forever. But - learn from my foibles, don't put them in the washing machine!

The back is what makes this a must-definitely click on the link to see the back. It is in my shopping cart but I have not pulled the trigger. I did the exact same thing last year and ended up buying my leopard Michael Kors loafers for full price after the sale was over. Again, learn from my mistakes. 

Nico super-skinny black jeans$99.90/$160

Usually super skinny jeans are no bueno, but the reviews (which are 5 star) say that these have a lot of stretch and to even size down.

I did not purchase everything from the list above because I like to avoid situations where my husband asks me, "You spent how much on what? But if I could wave my hand and declare, "Money is no object, dah-ling!"then this is what I would have purchased. Some will be in my hot little hands soon and some are just happy shopping dreams when I go to bed at night.

My only disappointment this year was with the girls selection. I found it to be very small and there just wasn't anything to get excited about. I did not include my BTS purchases for the kids in this post because this weekend is bananas and I have two assignments to finish for the paper - one of them being an archaeology story whose remote location damaged the paint on The Engineer's car. Yesterday was not a good day. But if you are shopping the #NSale for BTS - check out their Nike selection, I found the shoes and clothing selection to be excellent and both kids received several items for school and fall soccer.

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Happy Shopping!

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  1. Love your picks!! I bought the Nike shoes in the black and white. I did purchase some BTS stuff for my boy, but I didn't see anything I wanted for my girl :(

  2. I'm sending you my wishlist next time Nordstrom has their big sale. If they have any headbands and/or bows feel free to pick up a couple of those too. ;)

  3. Love the sneakers and the pumps!!!

    1. Get you a pair and we will match for the Color Run!

  4. Girl!!! I'm doing the same thing! I get anxiety about the stuff I'll want later!! Haha!!

  5. Great picks!!! Thanks so much for linking up! :) Andrea

  6. Love those picks! I have 2 things on their way to me, but left a coat in my cart over the w/e & now it's gone :( Boo!

    1. That happened to me to with a jacket and some black jeans - which was probably good for my wallet!


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