It's all fun and games until someone steals your stuff

Every August right before school starts, we have our Sayonara to Summer where we hit the local water park and slip slide summer away. Longtime readers of the blog will remember my unfortunate flashing incident at the 2013 Sayonara to Summer.

This year, we were joined by three newcomers to the Sayonara - the Bestie and her stepson came down from Nashville and The Engineer tagged along to check out the new lazy river, after having to work last year. He is a lazy river connoisseur. Gramma got her days mixed up and was unable to attend. Have I mentioned lately that I am about to become an aunt? Gramma is a smidge preoccupied right now. Big Kid also brought his good pal. We were quite the motley crew.

It was a great day - the rain that was forecasted held off and the park was not too crowded. We hit all of the attractions saving the wave pool for last before we planned to get some ice cream and head home.

One of my few pictures of the day.

About 30 minutes before the park closed, the Bestie looked at me and said, "Have you seen my bag?" We left our stuff not too far from the pool and maybe had been away from it for 10 minutes. My bag was heavy and messy and overflowing with clothes and what not. It was still there. Her bag was neat and tidy with a zipper top - the perfect size for someone to reach over and grab without breaking stride. It was no longer there.

Gone were her iPhone, G.'s iPhone, her wallet which included her check card and license, towels, clothes and a brand new pair of sneakers. We thought that her keys were also in there but by a stroke of luck, found them in my car. That would have been even more disastrous as her husband would have had to drive the two hours from Nashville to bring her another set of keys. And for once, being uncharacteristically disorganized saved our bacon because both my and The Engineer's car keys were in my bag. If the thief had grabbed mine too we would have been stranded in Decatur, Alabama.

How complacent we were. How confident that no one would steal our stuff. I made sure that my important items (wristlet and phone) were hidden but I never thought that someone would just take the whole bag. How naive we were yesterday. It was once of those life lessons that we all needed a refresher course on. It is easy to blame ourselves for being unsuspecting but I am not shouldering all of the blame - I am a firm believer in that you receive what you put out in the world. This bag thief has a major dose of karma coming his/her way and all for two iPhones (which were already locked and subsequently shut off within an hour of the theft), a check card (which was also cancelled minutes after it was stolen) and about three dollars. Even Liv's pool bag was monogrammed so unless she wears the same size sneaker and has the initials OBW, she really is out of luck. I hope it was worth it. Instant karma is going to get you.

Before the day went south, I did manage to snap some photos of the Sayonara to Summer, I planned to take a group shot at the end but that was sidetracked by having to file a police report:

The kids still had a good time. And they learned one of those important (but sad) life lessons that we all need to remember - some people just suck.

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  1. I hate that happened to y'all.

  2. It was still a good day! And we got to meet Fletcher!


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