Kindle Unlimited: A Review

I spend a lot of money on books. ("You do?" asks The Engineer.)

Which is why when I read about Kindle Unlimited, I was intrigued. Over 600,000 books available for $9.99/month and you don't have to own an actual Kindle, just the app. Since I love reading and I love a good deal, I decided to try the free 30-day trial.

So far I am two weeks in and enjoying it. I looked long and hard for a monthly service but have been out of luck. I also found that most online library offerings are rather meager. But Kindle Unlimited offers a wide variety of classics and lesser-known jewels in the rough. While I admit that I am swayed by the rating system when deciding on a book, I do also enjoy finding little-reviewed books which turn out to be amazing. What I do not love is starting a book that turns out to be absolutely terrible. Kindle Unlimited eliminates my guilt when I DNF and return. Yes, I am that person who imagines that Amazon is on the other side of my computer judging me.

Amazon is not paying me for this review - although with as much applesauce and granola bars as we buy from Prime, maybe they should. If you are looking for a cheaper way of indulging in your reading habit, check out Kindle Unlimited!

Happy (rainy) Monday!

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  1. This is genius. And yes Prime should really endorse me for how often I use them.


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