Lake time

For someone who grew up on the lake, I am a little embarrassed to say that my kids have not spent a lot of time there. Granddaddy sold his lake house when Big Kid was a baby and although he has been to camp and parties and out on my aunt and uncle's houseboat, he does not have a lot of experience with lake sports.

Last weekend our neighbors here in Huntsville invited us to their lake home back in my hometown in Tennessee. It is such a small world.

For a newbie, I think he liked it.

Little Kid brought home one of those back to school colds that we passed around the house last week so I sat out the water fun this weekend. Temps hit triple digits and after a miserable soccer game that morning, neither she nor I felt well. Poor Little, by the end of her soccer game, she was in tears from her head congestion and the heat. We won't do that again. She sat out the lake trip and instead spent the weekend crafting with Gramma.

I have said this before but I don't think I truly appreciated the landscape of my hometown while growing up. It has taken many years of traveling to different places to appreciate that not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up alongside a lake surrounded by mountains. Franklin County is a beautiful place.

Photos by Danny Windham

I don't know what camera Danny used but I am going to find out - these are amazing shots! 

Sunday I headed to a baby shower for my cousin's wife Amber - just down the street from our friends lake home.  My sister, cousin and cousin's wife are all pregnant and due within four months of each other. The holidays are going to be awesome this year.

It is weekends like these that make me pause and appreciate that although we might be under the weather and the temperature is ridiculously hot, we have been greatly blessed with an abundance of family and friends.

Happy Wednesday!

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