A New Blog Design for Fall + T4T

While I am putting the finishing touches on the new blog design  - 

which, by the way, what do you think? I really stepped out of my comfort zone this time, switching up the black and gold for black and navy. I am truly a maverick -

I will leave you with a song that is on permanent rotation in my playlist right now. It is ... The Perfect Jam.

Editor's note: Okay, I thought by using the Vevo version it would be safe, but there is one f-bomb at the very end - so plug in your earbuds if you are working or if youngsters are about. Personally, I just cough extremely loud during curse words (I listen to a lot of Ben Folds).

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loving this new look, Katie! So classy. Love the width of the header too.

    .mac :)


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