Decorating for Fall - with a smidge of Halloween

We have a rat infestation.

I saw this idea on HGTV years ago and loved it. I bought shiny black card stock and cut out a single, solitary rat to decorate our staircase. Original Rat has gone missing, so imagine my glee when I found an ready-made rat set at Target which included ten rats! Do you know how long it would take me to cut out ten rats? I would still be cutting out rats at Thanksgiving. It was reusable with adhesive backing, and only $5. 

I knew that we would use them on the staircase but since they were adjustable, we decided to have a rat scavenger hunt around the house. Cooper's best bud M. got in on the action too. Big Kid was the winner, with the rat in the bathtub (shudder) stumping his bud and sister.

We put up the rest of our Halloween decor this weekend too - a little early but we are having guests in next weekend and I wanted the house to be festive. I love decorating for the different holidays, but I always try to find the happy medium between Hobby Lobby detonating in my house and cold and stylized theme decor:

"We are only decorating this Christmas in white and Tiffany blue. There will be no red and green!"

No one likes that person.

Confession: I found this glitter pumpkin lying in our yard last year on Nov. 1.

Glitter leaf garland: HomeGoods, $14. Score.

Chartreuse pumpkin courtesy of the dollar bin at Target:

Confidential to my Special Section Editor: See, I do use my AP Stylebook! And the lightbulb vase is for heading headline inspiration.

Another dollar bin find:

My love of white pumpkins is well-documented.

I did find my bat cutouts from Last Year and we had a bat hunt this weekend. Random bats are still scattered around our upstairs. Here is one now:

Little Kid chose this pumpkin for her room.

Outside is still pretty sparse -- I won't go too bananas on yard decor until just before Halloween. I have two words for you: Shrub Eyeballs. 

Have you put your Halloween decor up yet? I froze my tail off at Little's soccer practice tonight so I feel justified in my parade of pumpkins. Fall is in the air!

Yup, there I am in the window. First-class photography, a hallmark of Team Skelley.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Your Halloween decorations are awesome. I need to find a glittery pumpkin in my front yard! I definitely think it's time to start decorating....I just need to DO it. I found a cute trick-or-treat banner on pinterest....doing it!!

  2. This is all too adorable! I've put out a few 'fall' things and have a pumpkin but haven't gone full speed ahead yet. But watch out mums, I'm coming for you this weekend!

  3. You are soooo far ahead of me...looks too cute! Great job!
    Shelia @ House of Highlands

    1. Thanks Sheila! I was a little early with the Halloween this year I admit. October is our busiest month at the newspaper so I knew I had to get the show on the road! :D

  4. So cute! And so kid-friendly! Your kids must love it! Those white pumpkins in pots on your table are adorable - what is the green with them?

  5. Katie your kids must be SOOOO excited with all your fun Halloween decorating! Your house looks so cheerful and makes me smile!! The scavenger hunt rats are a riot and I love all your glitter and spooky decor. When my kids were small I used to go crazy decorating for them, now that they are teenagers I pull out framed Halloween pics of them each year and that's what I used to decorate. I might have to score myself some of those Target rats though and surprise them this year! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Nest and Happy Halloween season!


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