Favorites Under $10 | September Edition

Happy Monday! Today, I am linking up my Favorite Things Under $10, which has quickly become my favorite blog party because it is full of things that we can all use without breaking the bank.

Here we go... (photos via Teamskelley on Instagram):

1. Command Hooks

The pictures today are not my finest -- Mondays are crazy around here (work meetings ... Girl Scouts ... soccer ... yargh), so these are all courtesy of my phone. 

I use Command Hooks for EVERYTHING, including hanging my wedding veil over Little Kid's bed. What else am I going to do with it? This weekend I was cleaning out her dress up drawer and came across it wadded in the bottom. I pulled out a command hook and voila -- instant textured wall decor. It is fading into the background in the photo but stands out more in person.

Just for sentimentality:

2002. We are babies.

Do you ever wonder how mantle garlands look so perfect on Pinterest? Command Hooks. I use mine to hang belts, frames, robes, wreaths ... just about anything that is not overly heavy. And they are easily removed without damaging the wall. If only they existed when I was in college.

2. Candy Corn Yankee Candle

Hands down, my favorite Yankee Candle behind Evergreen. Tip: I rarely, if ever, pay full price for my YCs. I purchase almost all of mine from HomeGoods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx. The candle above? $9.99. Score.

Vitamin Water

With a month left in soccer season and basketball set to begin, we are about to be a two sport household again. I have to admit, the ease of just grabbing a Vitamin Water out of the fridge are their main appeal. I don't have to go rooting for a water bottle (which half the time are split at the seams or missing a top) and honestly, it might be totally imagined, but Vitamin Water seems to give me an extra pep in my step for workouts. And it tastes good -- our faves are the lemonade and orange.

Thank you ladies for hosting! If you are new to Team Skelley, welcome! We talk about a little bit of everything -- parenting to home decor to shopping to music to pop culture and other assorted nonsense. Hopefully you will find something you like. And if you do, please connect via the social media buttons at the top and leave a comment to introduce yourself!

Tomorrow: The Color Run, Rocket City edition.

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