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I am sorry that I have been MIA this week. Honestly, I have not had much to share and I decided long ago that I was not going to cram a bunch of filler full of nonsense into the blog. Ain't no one got time for that. Team Skelley has just been cruising along the week with work, church and sports -- which is pretty much our jam.

But I did want to share with you my favorite new place to find workout wear at a discount price. 

I am a lifelong devotee to Nike -- their clothes last for years and I don't think I have worn another brand of sneakers, probably since my hightop, white Reeboks in grade school. Now they were stylin'.

So we are back at the Y after taking the summer off and I caught a glimpse of myself in the doors. I was a mess. Ill-fitting clothes, worn out sneakers, I just felt very frumpy. So I burst into our living room and exclaimed to The Engineer and Big Kid: "I look like a middle-aged housewife!" Big Kid: Ummm, aren't you a middle-aged housewife? Smart aleck ten-year-old. Not unless 37 is considered middle-aged.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a middle-aged housewife! But I am not - and last year, I updated my work wardrobe to reflect that. This year, I need to concentrate on my workout clothes. Because chances are, if I am not in my dress clothes for work, I am probably in athletic wear. Athletic clothes are not cheap - which is probably why I am still wearing most of my clothes from when I taught yoga (I have not taught since 2011). But bodies change and workout routines change, so I set out to find some new gear without breaking the bank.

Zappos was out. Nordstrom was out. Sports Authority was out. I wasn't going to spend several hundred dollars. But I wanted quality and durability. I found it at 6pm:

These are sporty, yet comfortable. I bought both the black and the grey and I am so glad that I did because I think this is going to be my fall uniform. They are incredibly soft and fitted without being skin-tight. They aren't Nike, but you can't go wrong with North Face.

 Love the old-school look of this tank - and I also like that it is not so tight that you can't breathe. My days of lycra workout tops are behind me.

I am not a big compression pants person, but these were so comfortable that I considered buying the other two colors.

If you are like me and like an ultra light sneaker, these are for you. I usually replace my sneakers a couple of times a year and I knew with the Color Run coming up next week, I needed to quickly break in a new pair, as my old ones were hurting my feet.

My son was jealous of these - he told me yesterday that he wanted a pair. He could almost wear mine, his foot is that big. Everything above was 1/3 to 50% less than other stores. Throw in free shipping and no tax? Sold. I don't know if I will ever by workout clothes anywhere else again. 

Highly recommend 6pm - check them out, and as always I don't receive any compensation besides the warm and fuzzy feeling of sharing a good deal.

Happy Weekend, gang!


  1. Never heard of 6 pm! Will seriously have to check it out when I start back spending in October!!!! Love those North Face pants! And that Nike Top!!!

  2. LOL! My philosophy is, if I'm going to work out I want to look cute while doing it! I too LOVE Nike shoes- they're all I wear for working out! I've never heard of 6pm either but will def check them out. Thanks so much for linking up with us today!!! xoShannon

  3. Cute work out clothes definitely inspire me! Those Nike crops are amazing.

    1. And a lot more comfy than they look! Thank you for stopping by! :D

  4. Goodness girl you just found 6pm.com. It's a great site. I've gone there for years. Sometimes you'll get 10 percent coupons, too! I've never bought clothes through them but I've bought a lot of shoes. Check out Nordstrom rack stores for shoes, too. I just found them last week and amazing deals. I'm sadly I'm that middle aged house wife so we both need to get out of the frump! And my 12 year old "stole" my nike frees this week when I got a new pair of shoes after two or three years. I think I'm in trouble since both girls wear the same size as me. And my son can wear my husband's shoes. Yes, our shoe bills are absolutely insane!

    1. The boy is 1/2 size away from wearing mens shoes. I checked out the price a few weeks ago and argh! They were $30 more for sneakers. I am going to have to up my story count at the newspaper just to keep him in shoes!

  5. I have never heard of them but will have to check them out when I get to small for what I have now.


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