iPhone 6 Plus | Introducing the Phablet

So I did it. I bit the bullet and ordered the new iPhone 6 Plus. It won't arrive until mid-November, but that will provide just enough time to get myself all worked up in a frenzy of new Apple product excitement.

I have owned the 3, 4 and 5. This will be iPhone number four. I have always bought the least expensive model but I admit, I splurged a little. I have been seriously considering buying a Kindle because I use my Kindle app daily, so I thought that the Plus would be a good compromise.

I will just say, the Plus is a hoss. When I went to AT&T Friday to check it out in person, it was the hot topic of conversation among all of the Apple obsessed, crazy people dedicated customers. We were all huddled around it asking questions like, "But is it too wide for my pocket?" "Will it fit in my purse?"

The iPhone 6 Plus is definitely not for everyone. You have to examine how you use your phone. Do you use it primarily for convenience? Do you call a lot of people? Does it serve more of a tablet function? I am the third one. I use my phone primarily for work phone calls, checking email, a convenient camera, Pandora and mostly to read on my Kindle app. I read a lot on my phone.

The Plus has large apps and it has a larger keyboard, which I am looking forward to as I have a larger hand with long fingers. I respond to a lot of work emails on my phone, so a larger keyboard will be easier to navigate. I am also a crazy texter. I text much more that I talk. If you have a petite hand, it is going to be more difficult to navigate. If you are a one-handed user, that is going to be virtually impossible.

The camera is fantastic. Best iPhone camera I have seen yet. I snapped a picture in the AT&T store and it was extremely crisp. For this Instagram devotee, that is a plus. One big change is that after almost five years, I finally gave up my unlimited data and went to AT&T Next. Jury is still out on that, but what swayed me is the $200 credit that they were offering for my iPhone 5. I am distrustful of wireless companies because they make the simple process of getting a phone ridiculously complicated, so we will shall see if that $200 materializes.

What about you? Are you considering the 6? Plus or standard?


  1. I still miss my very first iPhone-loved that phone.

    1. I remember the first iPhone. My cousin Max had one and I was so jealous. I would always play with it at family holiday gatherings.


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