Welcome to the world

I would like to introduce you to my new nephew who was born on my 37th birthday yesterday.

This is kind of a tradition for our family - I was born only one day after my Aunt Katie's birthday. I told my sister that if he had been a boy, it was mandatory that she name him Katherine after his aunt and great aunt. Alas, he is a 9 lb., 19 inch, perfect, auburn-headed little boy.

We headed up to Tennessee last night to meet the newest member of the family. Big Kid and Little Kid had never experienced the whole labor and delivery thing before and were full of questions. Thankfully, none of them were the big one - I was just waiting for: "Where did Aunt Deena and Big Cody's baby come from?" With my cousin Heather and her brother's wife Amber also due this fall, RHR will definitely have playmates. The family is about to be awash in babies, I can't wait.

Everyone is healthy and doing well and should be going home in a couple of days. Praise God for his amazing blessings.

Congratulations to Deena, Cody, Pumpkin and Sarah! Your world is about to be so different, but it is totally worth it. And welcome to the family, little guy. You are very loved. 

Aunt Katie


  1. So excited for your new nephew! Let the spoiling commence!

    .mac :)

  2. So cute! What a fun thing to share with your nephew.

  3. He's adorable! Congratulations, Aunt Katie! Happy belated birthday!


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