Wet Brush: A Review

I have a very tender-headed daughter:

Brushing her hair in the morning is always fraught with drama. Her reluctance to brush her hair is one of the reasons that she has a bob. I don't know how it happens, we can wash and blow dry her hair before bed and she still will have knots when she wakes up. She wears a lot of ponytails to school.

But I have good news! No more scraggly hair days for us. No more tears. Thanks to a recommendation from Mama Bub, I ordered the Wet Brush off Amazon and it is a miracle worker.

The girl no longer dislikes to have her hair brushed and will even volunteer to brush it herself! I liked the brush so much that I ordered one for myself in Leopard, natch.

If you have a tender-headed child, definitely try this out. This might be the nicest hair brush that I have ever owned and for less than $10 - it is a no-brainer.

Happy Thursday!

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