Beauty Review | MAC Moisturecover

First off, I want to give a shoutout to my newest reader, the sweet girl who told me at a birthday party last night that she reads the blog ... Hi, Isabella! 

We have a new Belk. It is pretty much like the old Belk, only it is two miles from my house so it does have convenience going for it. And they already have Christmas decorations up -- you know I am crazy for Christmas, but even I have to give that the side eye.

So I am out the other day in minimal makeup and I catch sight of myself in a store mirror looking all Broom Hilda and what not. As my dad would say, rode hard and put up wet. I clearly needed to up my concealer game. So I headed to New Belk and after fumbling around, the MAC associate, who was awesome -- if you are local, ask for Kendra -- pointed me towards this:

Select Moisturecover: $19, available wherever MAC is sold.

Goodbye forever drug store concealer! This stuff is amazing. Kendra recommended using a brush for application and I agree, it goes on much smoother than if you use your fingers. If you are looking for a strong concealer that does the job without being too heavy, I highly recommend . In fact, I am giving it the coveted 5/5 basset hounds.


Happy Tuesday!


  1. I need something like this! And I was giving the Christmas decorations the side eye as well...haha!! I love it so much, but they need to relax.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout! I LOVE reading your blog!


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