Camo is a Neutral

What? I know that you humored me when I made a similar declaration last year in Leopard is a Neutral, but I am back with a new fashion trend for fall. And it is controversial. I have long been a fan of camo, and I always paired my green cargos with colors from the camo camp - black, white or tan. But nowadays there is no need to go monochromatic when camo is more interesting with a bright color or another pattern.

It has been awhile since I have spent any time on Polyvore, but I knew that I would need some backup to my claims:

Little Kid likes to wear her new camo scarf with a hot pink cable knit sweater. I tried to get a photo after church Sunday but she was already in play clothes before I could snap a pic. Her big brother pairs his camo tee with turquoise shorts or his pants with a red Star Wars shirt (okay, his mom paired it with a Star Wars tee, he would wear pajama shorts and a Peyton Manning jersey every day if he had his druthers):

via teamskelley on Instagram

My favorite fall camo pieces:

(Mixed with a blue polka pattern -- something I would never have thought to do, but it is adorable.)

Little Kid has a polka dot Tucker & Tate robe and it is so extremely soft that I briefly entertained the idea of trying to squeeze myself into an extra large.

I already know my JCrew Factory camo tee will be a fall staple. What about you? Have you jumped on the fashion camo train?

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  1. I am loving this. My husband loves camo too, so I'm wondering if I can justify a few of these cute camo purchases...ha! BTW, totally unrelated note, I saw your comment over on Kait's blog CommuniKait about having anxiety after getting married. I recently got married in June and have been experiencing exactly this. I seriously thought I was going crazy, but it was nice to hear someone had felt the same way and this is normal. I know it's a weird thing to talk about when you are in such a happy time of your life, but your comment made me feel better about the situation. Just wanted to say thanks for that :)


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