Do you want to build a snowman?

 Can you tell that I love to make graphics on Pinterest? It really is an addiction. 

This year's pumpkins represent two of my children's great loves right now: Frozen and Captain Underpants.

Olaf Pumpkin

I am not a big carver (pumpkin guts, no bueno) so we usually paint our pumpkins. The Olaf pumpkin took longer to make than I anticipated. I looked at several pins on Pinterest before coming up with my own design, utilizing felt for Olaf's face and pom poms for his body - both of which I picked up at Michaels craft store. We tried paint pens and Sharpies, but neither would write on a spray painted pumpkin. We bolted the pumpkins together into the ground with a metal rod from Home Depot but even with the rod, he immediately started tilting -- so we propped him up against the brick. Little Kid helped spray paint Olaf and glue his face. Spray adhesive was the key to making this work. It is a bit messy but it so versatile and easy. Confession: I used Little Kid's Girl Scout patches as Olaf's eyes template. Whatever works.

The forecast is calling for rain, so we tarped him tonight. Cross your fingers that Olaf does not wash away!

Captain Underpants

We were inspired by This Pin/Original Page for Captain Underpants. This is a quick and easy pumpkin, if you have a CU fan in your house. The trickiest part was cutting out his cape, but even that was not too difficult with fabric scissors (which I also recommend for the felt for Olaf) and  a couple of yards of red fabric 50% off from Michaels -- which left lots of room for error. I had no problem using the paint pin for this pumpkin and am envisioning all kinds of paint penned pumpkins next year. Confession: Yes, that is The Engineer's underwear. 

Big Kid is a huge CU fan and is usually at the book store on release day every time a new one comes out.

So it looks like we are all set for the big day Friday? What about you? Are you dressing up for Halloween? Happy Wednesday!

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