Fletcher Friday: Halloween Hound

Happy Halloween! We are starting early around Team Skelley. Since the Chunkster does not go out with the kids for trick or treat -- and will probably spend his evening in the backyard after attempting to basset ninja his way out the door every time a trick or treater arrives -- he wore his costume this morning on the walk to pick up the kids from school:

He is thrilled that it is Halloween, can't you tell?

I absolutely love half day Fridays for Halloween. No afternoon rush and you don't have to deal with rousing the kids from a sugar coma to go to school the next day. We will be heading out tonight with Gramma, Aunt Deena and my new nephew for his first Halloween!

We hope that you have a safe and spoooooky evening! 


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    1. I am seriously considering keeping this up because it is truly LOL-tastic. Please don't click on his link, but if you need a good laugh, this will provide.

  2. Oh my. I love it! Did he keep the hat on the whole time? My pups instantly try and pull them off and then think it's a chew toy...ha!


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