The Happiest 5K

Last weekend I participated in the Color Run for the second time!

This time I brought the Big Kid and we joined up with my Work Boo, AKA Amy, who is the special section editor at the newspaper, and her friend Rebecca. We were supposed to meet up with another workmate but could not find her in the throng of 5,000. Little Kid went to soccer with her dad and Nana, who was down for the weekend. Happy Birthday, Nana!

The Bestie was also supposed to come down and participate but her minor surgery last week turned out to be not so minor. When we were 19, she had a very serious car accident that shattered her ankle. She has been having pain for awhile and they went in Wednesday to root around and what they found was not good. But she was still planning to make the two hour drive because she is a masochist trooper. I told her to sit her butt at home and rest. Even the lady behind me in line when I was picking up our race packets and talking to the Bestie on the phone said, "She has no business driving down from Nashville for a 5K!"

We lucked out, it was the perfect day.

For you Arrested Development fans, do you remember the running gag with blue smudges all over the house when Tobias wanted to join the Blue Man Group? That is what my house looked like this weekend.

Color Run Huntsville 2014:



This was when Big learned the valuable lesson of keeping his mouth closed when going through a color station.

We made it!

Shameless Mom Brag: I don't do this often but isn't he handsome? He is just one good-looking kid.

Well, maybe not so much in this picture. Big and I, with Rebecca and Amy

Work Boo and Tater Tot (we are uber-professional)

I actually liked this better than Nashville, partially because the drive time was 15 minutes instead of two hours. The parking sitch was much better and it was easier this time to walk two blocks to the car  from the finish line and immediately be on the road, versus sitting in the parking lot at LP Field for 45 minutes.

Afterwards, Big and I were ravenous so we met up with the other half of the family after Little's soccer game (she scored a goal!) and went to brunch, where I proceeded to eat my weight in hash browns.

Big Kid snapped this picture of his meal -- Dinocake!

Each Color Run picks a local charity to support and this race's was the The Arts Council, Inc. of Huntsville. Amy and I have both collaborated with Allison, the director of the Arts Council, on stories -- and The Engineer actually works with her husband -- so it was nice to actually participate in one of their fundraisers for once, as they do great things culturally for our community.

Again, I highly recommend the Color Run. But one word of advice -- take lots of towels for after the race. The color comes out very easily from everywhere except seat belts. Lesson learned. 

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm still bummed I missed it. Even with an ankle the size if a softball.

    1. You sit your butt at home, Missy! Or a beach chair.

  2. It looks like fun. I have wanted to do one.


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