The Number One Read | October

Happy Sunday!

I am very excited about this new series on the ol' blog. During the first week of each month, I will review my favorite book of the last month, and of course since this is me, I am already deviating from the guidelines for the very first entry. I have a few in the hopper from previous months that I want to get out there first and then when those are all spotlighted, we will get going with Team Skelley's Number One Read for the month. I read this month's selection in May, but it definitely deserves to be the inaugural choice as it is a favorite and five-star read.

For October:

It looks like your typical new adult romance, but not so fast. I thought that Love Show had a depth that many new adult books fail to capture. This is the story of Hadley Arrington, a very driven college senior, whose only focus is to become an combat journalist. But the road to professional success detours when she meets a fellow who makes her question her ambition and contemplate an alternate future.

"Love Show" is just a flat out, well-written story with interesting, witty characters. It is a book about what I think the college experience should be -- finding yourself, determining who you are and learning those hard lessons when the reality of adulthood does not match youthful expectations. Plus, the love interest Jack is dreamy. So there is that too.

Fair warning: There are some sexy times in this book, that while not 50 Shades-ish, are still pretty detailed. So if that is not your bag, this might not be for you.

This is a great book for these upcoming cooler days. Grab yourself a warm cider, a soft blanket and delve into a smart, contemporary romance.

Have a great week!

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