Thursday Thoughts

(Let's pretend it is still Thursday, I am a bit behind on this post.)

Three thoughts for Thursday -- just three, you ask? I am aiming high today. That, and I am a sucker for alliteration.

1. Try this shampoo.

If you are looking for a shampoo that does not break the bank, check out Dessange Paris. I am using the Replenishing Shampoo (it is quite a bit cheaper at Target than the $21 Amazon price). It makes my hair thicker and I love that it smells like my Grandmother -- in a fancy, Crabtree & Evelyn way.

2. I cancelled Kindle Unlimited this week.

I know that I raved about it in a Previous Post post a couple of months ago, but after the first few weeks, I started having an increasingly difficult time finding quality books. Many of the books that were listed either had "billionaire" or "vampire" in their titles, neither of which are my cup of tea. I have no desire to read about a sexy billionaire who falls in love with a waitress/social worker/street urchin or any other young, poor (but beautiful without makeup) woman with a heart of gold. Though I am concerned about my reading choices when Amazon repeatedly recommends to me the "Hide Your Crazy" series. What about my previous selections makes the algorithms point toward my enjoying a book named "Hot Southern Mess?"

3. Watch Marry Me.

I have not laughed so hard at a pilot since Modern Family. Considering that this new series stars Casey Wilson and is from the creator of Happy Endings (who is also her husband),  adding it to the DVR was a no-brainer. I love Happy Endings and hope that the cast makes frequent guest appearances on this similar and very funny show. Ken Marino is always comedy gold and should be much more famous than he is.

If you want to know what is taking up most of my thoughts this week (there are more than three rattling around in my brain, although the other ones are usually along the lines of hungry+kids+ooh, pretty scarf), it is our biggest issue of the year at the newspaper. More on that tomorrow. I am linking up with a new blog party today, go check them out! And thank you to Katie for the recommendation. I had been looking for a new link up to join and I knew that she would not steer me wrong. She's a Katie, after all.

Happy Thursday Friday!

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