When a Post Goes Viral & A Blogversary

I celebrated my fifth anniversary blogging this month. Back in the days when 200 hits a day was the dream, this blog was titled Yoga Gal and intended to focus on my career as a yoga instructor and our new home in Huntsville, Alabama. Five years later, it is a mishmash of  topics, but probably just about as honest a representation of who I am as possible. I don't see my Bestie very often as she lives in a different state, but she likes to read the blog because she says that it is like us having a conversation. In the blogging world where the biggest criticism is the fakeness of it all, that is the highest of compliments.

Like most bloggers, I hoped  to eventually build Yoga Gal into a money-making venture. I knew it would not happen overnight but it did happen, albeit not in the way I planned. I would not have my career at the newspaper if our special section editor (now known here on the blog as Work Boo) had not clicked on my blog in March 2013 and said, "Let's take a chance on her." And the only reason that I was granted an interview in the first place is my year of freelancing that came before that. I never would have had the nerve to even dream of pursuing a freelance writing career if it was not for the experience and the feedback here from my readers and friends. I don't know where I would be today if I had not hit the publish button on Oct. 3, 2009.

Since I went back to work, my blogging has shrunk from a guaranteed four (most of the time five) posts per week to a struggle to make three. Yet my traffic has continued to grow. The main reason for this is Pinterest. And in 2014, it has been mostly due to this pin, which is also my most visited post of all-time:

At last count: 860 Pins | 100 Likes

To be honest, this was just one of those ideas that popped in my brain. I made a prototype and was pleased with the results, so Little Kid and I proceeded to make 23 more. What I like about this craft (and why I think it has taken off) is that it is simple to do and the supplies are easy to find. I have many friends who say that they are not crafty and they want to throw Pinterest-esque birthday parties, but they just don't have that creative gene. The great thing about these bags are that anyone can do them. Those are the crafts I like.

I have taken away so much inspiration from Pinterest over the years that it is nice to give some back. I never dreamed -- never, ever -- that the Frozen Favor Bags would take off like they have. But the idea that Olaf treat bags are popping up at parties all over the world gives me the warm and fuzzies.

If you are thinking about starting a blog -- do it. It might not take you in the direction that you think it will, but I promise that the journey will be interesting. And if you need some tips to get started, my friend Ashley has some great blogging advice today on her blog. Like I said, I have been doing this for five years and I learned some lessons from her.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That is a ton of pins!!! Well deserved, because those favor bags are fantastic. I remember that post! It really is interesting to see how a blog morphs into something totally different than how you started it. I love your blog! So glad we're friends!

  2. Happy Blogversary! Keep up the great work! :)

  3. That is a lot of pins. I have loved your blog since the beginning. i have been so slacking at blogging and reading blogs recently.


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