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Every once in awhile I like to post about the newspaper and what I have been getting up to on the job. It is actually our busiest time right now with Veterans Week right around the corner. We are counting down to our biggest issue of the year, which is the Veterans Week special insert, so I am walking around pretty much in a constant state of low-level anxiety.

At the beginning of 2014, I knew that something had to change regarding my work schedule. As in, I had no work schedule. I was working crazy hours, sometimes writing at 9pm on Saturday nights, or in one hour chunks throughout the day. I felt like I was on call 24/7. It was not the most efficient process. I was falling down on the job -- both jobs, my job as parent to Big and Little as Head Domestic Engineer for Team Skelley, and my job as staff writer for The Redstone Rocket. I might have had an epic meltdown teared up in frustration in front of my mom and husband. After talking to my very understanding director and receiving a motivational kick in the pants pep talk from our designer (sitting beside me below), I slightly decreased my work hours and revamped my schedule. I realize how blessed I am to be able to do that.

So this year I have designated office hours where during that time, I am strictly on the job. (I just typed on the jon, I hope that was not a Freudian slip). Once my hours are completed, I clock out and am Mom/Katie/Chauffeur/Fletcher's BFF. I still check my email probably more than is healthy, but keeping a clear divide between work and home has made it easier for everyone. Plus, let's face it, I am just a tad bit anal. (The Engineer is shocked and stunned.) I am not the best at flying by the seat of my pants. I like to have my work week laid out and organized in front of me. Hell, I like to have next week's work week laid out and organized in front of me. I am lucky that the Rocket is accommodating to my Type A tendencies.

Like any job, there are challenges. While I feel more confident and adept than this time last year -- I even find myself lapsing into Army-speak at times -- I still am quite the turtle when it comes to writing. I tried to speed up my process and began making mistakes and errors. Writing for an Army publication ... it is too important to not get right.

But on the flip side, I have met some amazing people and learned so much in the last 19 months. And I could not make it through the constant deadlines and challenges without these ladies (out for Rocket Girls Happy Hour):

They make this job fun. 

Happy Weekend!

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