Be Younique

Have you heard of Younique Moonstruck natural fiber mascara? 

My friend Kelley at work introduced me to it and I was very curious. I have never had long, thick lashes -- being a natural blonde, mine were always thin and light -- which does nothing for my eyes at all except makes me look perpetually tired.

Exhibit A:

A greater vision of loveliness you have never seen. This was Friday before a Veterans Day breakfast that I was attending for work. You can see that my lashes are virtually invisible with no makeup.

After Younique:

With the angle of the camera you can really tell the difference on my right eye. Crazy! What I like about Younique is that you can control how thick you apply the mascara. Some of the examples online are thick and probably a little too heavy for me to wear during the daytime. The coverage above is just right. I had lunch with the gals last weekend and the Bestie also showed up in a lighter, natural coat of Younique. I usually combine mine with a thick line of eyeliner. My eyes are a dark blue and rather unremarkable so the lining helps to make them pop a bit. The picture above was taken three hours after application, so you can tell how long it lasts and looks fresh. I am addicted.

If you are interested in trying out Younique, my friend Jennifer's pal Kate is who I use: Kate's Website. And full disclosure: I receive no rewards or kickbacks for this post. I just like to share stuff. It's nice to have a blog that does that.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Love to hear opinions from people who aren't compensated, so refreshing! :) One question, do the fibers flake off any? I have to be very careful with the mascara I use because if they flake off any though out the day, my contacts are shot. Wasn't sure how these little fibers work.


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