Let's Talk About Christmas Trees | Pinterest Pick of the Week

Are you excited about the holidays? I really am -- even more than usual. For some reason, I am feeling this year that I am either going to go big or go home. I love Christmas and I love how everyone just seems a little kinder during this time of year and I especially love that the newspaper shuts down for the last two weeks of the year. Score.

While some of our trees stay the same each year -- yes, that was plural, I am that person who puts up multiple trees -- I do like to mix it up with the main skinny tree. The main reason that the smaller trees are the same is that they stay decorated year-round. I store them in the attic wrapped in plastic. It was a genius idea picked up from my aunt. My big tree even stays assembled, it usually just needs a good dusting.

Last year's gold and black Skinny Tree:

I do want to go a little different this year so I took it to Pinterest for inspiration and this is what I found:

My favorite:

Via my Holiday Decor board on Pinterest

What are your thoughts? Do you lean towards the traditional or do you mix up decor every year?

Happy Monday!

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  1. I love the middle one. I have not started decorating yet. But I am planning on painting my office and starting to decorate next weekend.


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